E3 Floor-plan Outs More Games

We think we’ve invented a new game. Check out the E3 floor-plan graphic courtesy of GameSpot, click on a few publishers and then sit back and watch previously unannounced games magically appear. It’s like a virtual version of lucky-dip where you have no idea of what you’re going to pluck from the gleaming bag of future awesomeness.

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m232931d ago

I think it's too soon for Mass Effect 3. They are still working on DLC for ME2.

gaffyh2931d ago

Plus this is a duplicate story from a couple of days ago, and EA already shot down the rumor

blumatt2931d ago

No, just kidding about that, but it would definitely be cool to see all three Mass Effects on one blu ray disc. It could be done if they wanted to. They could sell all three at once for like $120. I'd probably bite and others would too.

LiViNgLeGaCY2931d ago

Woooooo!!!! Hehe I absolutely adore the HM series. I know I'm probably in the minority here though.

Anyway, wow that's a really great list of games they're showing. I can't wait!

Kal11382931d ago

EA denied the DA2 and ME3 rumors and the GameSpot page has already changed.

LeonSKennedy4Life2931d ago

I Am Alive!!!

It exists!!!

That makes me so happy!

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