Famitsu Taiwan Scans

New chinese scans of Yakuza PSP, Dead Rising 2, White Knight Chronicles 2, Ace Combat: Joint Assault, Class Heroes 3 and many more

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Cloudberry2685d ago


Even the PSP Yakuza game is bad-ass.........

I also want this game to be released in English......... : (

2685d ago
nefertis2685d ago

lvl5 hurry up with the translation for wkc 2 .


No word of hentai games coming out for NA? Man I need some hentai games I haven't gotten laid in a game in like... wow... like a year? Yes a year and a half. Wow.

tawak2685d ago

dead rising 2 exclusive on 360 i thought 3rd party exclusive r long gone

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