Wii FPS Games Data

CoffeewithGames shows the play-time data for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex, Red Steel 2, and The Conduit.

CwG says in one section, "The Conduit had 2,323 more players reporting their data this week, than from the data captured May 17.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex had 5,851 more players reporting their play-time data this week, compared to May 17th's numbers.
Red Steel 2 had 2,811 more players reporting data this week, since Monday, May 17."

CwG also covers the approximate number of players reporting data, total hours reported played for each game, sales ranks, and review score averages.

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CoffeewithChess2657d ago

playing these still? I'm wondering if anybody is still playing The Conduit online?

hardcorez2657d ago

Those are higher than I expected.

SpoonyRedMage2657d ago

I tried last week but everything uses the stupid machine gun rocket glitch.

I hope Conduit 2 sorts all those problems out, I'm interested in seeing both that and the Wii version of COD: Black Ops.

CoffeewithChess2657d ago

I don't know if you saw the report, probably got buried under the 50 "Jaffe says" and "CliffyB" stories here, but HVS is asking for help identifying the glitches from the first game.

I'm guessing they know about most of them though, if they don't, they didn't play their own game.

The link for the story is:

Copyright2657d ago

I havent played TCon in a long time, but if what SpoonyRedMage says is correct...not much has changed since I did play it. :(

MikeTyson2657d ago

wait, that many ppl are playing the conduit online?

turok2657d ago

thinking to play online of the conduit myself in a couple of hours.