"Wishful thinking" Super Smash Bros Brawl details what they would love to see happen with Super Smash Bros Brawl

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ChickeyCantor4160d ago

the creator already promised that there will be no "Clone" fighters.
Which i'm pretty happy about =D
but by the looks of Mario's "undercut" smash in the 15 second " presentation" it seems that Mario has mixed attacks from DR.mario( the moves were basically the same but the effect was different with both characters.)

scarlett_rg4160d ago (Edited 4160d ago )

I want to be able to whoop some ass using my Mii!

(Fully customizable of course!... like being able to assign any directional/smash/special attacks from ALL available moves from other characters. (That would be one bad-ass Mii!... but with that type of power, would be more of a "Finish 100% of the game on the hardest difficulty before you can actually do it" sorta thing.))

But still... even without customizing their move-set, goin' at it with Miis would be sweet. Even Sony and MS fanatics would pick up a Wii with this game just so they could personally kick Mario and Link's ass!

Farsendor14159d ago

6 characters fighting at one time that would be super nice.