PSN Premium - What To Expect

A short description on what might be coming to PSN when it goes premium.

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Godmars2902932d ago

Of all the things likely to be offered, can't think that "Netflix w/o a disc" will be one of them. That's as stupid as MS only allowing Gold accounts access to it.

dangert122932d ago

one thing i would like it don't have to be in premium is for sony to fix the playstation store
it has good content in there its just not sectioned very well

like xbox has like>browse
arcade >New>Top rated>browse
Game O.D >new>top rated>browse
Demo's >New>toped rated>browse
Indie >New>Top rated>browse
Game Addons>New>Top rated>browse

its easier to do what you want or find what you want playstation store is hard unless you know exactley what you want then you can search and type it in

but its got to offer more then tv on demand and netflix we pay tv license here in the uk and doubt we would get netflix

Conloles2932d ago Show
Simon_Brezhnev2932d ago

I'm not sure if your in Europe or not but the US PSN Store is sectioned very well anybody who doesnt get it is stupid.

Red-Dead-Roar2932d ago

the us store is actually much better than a lot of others...

tinybigman2932d ago

is section very well, i can find everything very easily.

madmonkey02932d ago

@conloles, The basic version is already superior, so their is no fear of that,

HolyOrangeCows2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

"when it goes premium"

I do believe you mean "IF"

The Great Melon2931d ago

Yeah the US store is very easy to navigate. I am always baffled by the layouts of other regions.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n2931d ago

The set out of the EU store is awful compared to the American Store and XBL. There really is no reason for it to be so bad.

EU gets nothing compared to the US.

3241104932931d ago

no the wording is correct, it WILL go premium. It is confirmed by Sony.

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avengers19782932d ago

Sounds like you get alot, now let's hear something at E3, and then will probably come online shortly after that.

Legosz2932d ago

I hate all this netflix and facebook crap. I can watch any show, amy movie on my PC for FREE. ALL I WANT IS GOD DAMN PRIVATE CHAT.

birchoff2931d ago

Hahaha bubbles for funny.

Morituri2931d ago

The ps3 eye camera already provides private video chat for up to 4 people I believe.

deafwing2931d ago

is cross game chat (not text, audio and/or video).

Philaroni2932d ago

Off topic but that pic with he gold and purple PSN icon is sick looking I think.

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rbluetank2932d ago

i hope they add more poker rooms and more card/board games as well. i hope the make it like Uproar or the other card/board game site on the net..

sixaxis2932d ago

yeah same here, especially when such features are in like: Access to Beta Games, Early Access to All Store Content, Exclusive Experiences with Sony Brands.

Brewski0072932d ago

Me neither. I mean its very affordable considering people who dont want to pay it can still play online while those who do want to splash out and enjoy some extras can. Its win win I think. Seperating the casual gamer who wouldnt use the system as often to get the value for money outta this from the hardcore gamer who plays almost daily and will most likely benefit from the features it offers.
Looking forward to this announcement alot.

NYC_Gamer2932d ago

those features are worth the 60 bucks in my opinion..

Raf1k12932d ago

Extended Console Warranty 3 Years
Access to Beta Games
Cross-game Voice Chat Access

These three would be enough for me to pay for it. Anything else is a plus as everything I need from PSN is already free.

dktxx22932d ago

an extended console warranty should not be a premium feature. the thing should be set at 5 years for all consoles, 360, wii, and ps3.

Raf1k12932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Just for consoles? It would be nice if you could get 5 years as the standard for all electronics but that isn't the case. 3 years seems to be what most companies give you and an extra 3 years for for a little extra cash isn't so bad IMO considering it's not the only thing you get for your money. Plus, plenty of retail stores charge for extra warranty coverage on products anyway.

Personally I'd like a pick'n'mix type of premium service where everything has it's own price and you can pick and choose the features that interest you instead of paying for all of them, using the few features you want and not using all the others you have no interest in.

04soldier2932d ago

I would pay for just the extended warranty. Two year warranty minimum. Everything else would just be extra perks. Gotta protect my precious backwards compatible 80gb ps3.

Heartnet2932d ago

An extended warranty for psn premium dream on.. just use continuous play if you want an extended warranty thats around £5 a month and that covers you if you drop it or sumin.

04soldier2932d ago

Never heard of it. Will give me a warranty on my 3 year old PS3??

dktxx22932d ago

it europe only and sony suspended it temporarily because it was being abused. at least that what the website says.

vhero2932d ago

Don't need warranty after 3 dead 360s I got an extra 4 years on top of my ps3 when I bought it. Not that it will break as much I am just sick of wasting money on consoles so this way I am certified to have a console for 5 years. I only want cloud storage for saves but hasn't this topic been done to death?

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