Nintendo hosting developer roundtable at E3 again

It has been confirmed that Nintendo will be hosting a developer roundtable at E3, where some of the biggest announcements have taken place (Brawl, Zelda Wii artwork, Pikmin confirmation).

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RedDragan2690d ago

I bet the table is not round!

-Mezzo-2690d ago

i'll be % Dollars on that. lol

gameseveryday2690d ago

That means all developers that make games for wii will turn with a great game again? FTW!

ChronoJoe2690d ago

No it means the devs that make games for DS will make a 3DS game.

DaBadGuy2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

They're devs of the round table
They dance whenver able
They make great games with fancy names
With characters impeccable

They dine well in Japan
They often feed on mice and man

They're devs of the round table
They're games are formidable
But many times they've made some fables
That are quite unplayable

They're Mario mad in Japan
Even though he's italian

In console wars they're tough and able
Quite indefatigueable
Between games they screw dames
And impersonate Kaim.....Argonar

It's a busy life in Japan
Kojima really needs a tan

SpoonyRedMage2690d ago

Will be interesting to see what happens.