Celebrity Watch List for E3

PC World: Stars in your eyes? Here's who's confirmed and who's expected at next week's gaming show.

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RedDragan2955d ago

Why do people make a big deal about celebrities?

They have to $h!t like everybody else. Sure, I would tap some of them but treat them as something special? Nope.

NecrumSlavery2955d ago

If celebrity appearances makes the show, then gaming is dead. If they aren't in the biz, they need not be there. I don't want idiots like Marissa Miller talking about games. Just go back to the olden days, games & booth babes

RedDragan2954d ago

I think the difference is that Kevin Butler is a character. He is also a character that I find entertaining as I have never come across a VP that has a sense of humour.

-Mezzo-2955d ago

I totally agree with Red Dragon, I hate it when people say i look like Tom Cruise or Colin Farrell, my usual reply is F' you just because he's famous you are resembling me to him, why don't you F'ing go and resemble him to me.


DiLeCtioN2955d ago

ill be there and thats good enough :P

52pickup2955d ago

If celebs are actually involved in the game or have some qualified reason to be there,I don't mind so much.

However having a celeb saying "OMG this thing is epic it's the best thing since sliced bread" just because they get payed to,really gets on my nerves.

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The story is too old to be commented.