PS3 Bundles Among Thieves; Comes with Uncharted 2

Just a week or so ago, a 250GB PS3 ‘Father’s Day Bundle’ was revealed at both and Fry’s electronics. The bundle included both an HDMI cable and a copy of LittleBigPlanet along with a 250GB PS3. However it looks like another retailer has yet another bundle ready, this time the PS3 is being bundled with last year’s ‘Game of the Year’, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

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deadpool192812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

This is a must buy

doctorstrange2812d ago

If you're getting a PS3, you need U2, and this saves money

callahan092812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

It's an amazing deal. More than double the hard drive space of the 120gb and Uncharted 2 (a game stilling retailing for 60 bucks) for only 50 bucks more? Hell yeah. I'm almost tempted to buy another PS3. My brother, who lives a few states away, has been borrowing Uncharted 2 from me for a few months now, and I won't be seeing him anytime soon to get it back. If I bought this bundle, I could just let him keep it and then I'd finally have Uncharted 2 available to play again (I've been dying to play it again lately).

simplyRealistic182812d ago

You sound like you on their PR team, why are you so happy for this, you already have a ps3

kaelix2812d ago

I have 3 ps3's one for me one for my gf and one for the living room <_< whats wrong with getting another I was thinking of getting 1 for my dad for fathers day o.O


How about you just buy Uncharted 2 and then set the remaining amount of money on fire. Just like your plan but more awesome.

callahan092812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

No, because my girlfriend likes to play games just as much as I do, and sometimes she's playing (usually Dragon Age or LittleBigPlanet) while I would like to be playing a game. Sometimes we want to play games online together but splitscreen is not an option. Having a second PS3 would be the solution. But thanks for calling me a company shill or whatever the **** accusation you want to make at me instead of just accepting that I could have a reason to want another PS3. Acknowledging that something is a great deal makes me sound like I'm on the PR team? Whatever.

FamilyGuy2811d ago

You know Modnation Racers has online split screen right? Too bad more games don't...

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simplyRealistic182812d ago

it would be smart to bundle uncharted 1 with it alsso, because if somebody is going to buy an ps3 for the first time they probably dont know about uncharted so why would you give them the sequel with the 1st

Downtown boogey2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

It wouldn't be because Uncharted 2 is Uncharted 1 on steroids and it's not a continuous story between them.

simplyRealistic182812d ago

actually it would, the games are still tied to each other even tho the story isnt

sikbeta2812d ago

The Best Bundle, a PS3 + The GOTY09 -> UC2 = WIN

FamilyGuy2811d ago

You know Modnation Racers has online split screen right? Too bad more games don't

BattleAxe2811d ago

They should come out with an Uncharted Bundle that includes Uncharted 1 and 2.

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avengers19782812d ago

Does this mean they will actually have PS3's in stock soon. My local best buy got in a shipment this week, and sold out of every single one in 3 days.

EXID2812d ago

yeah, sold out in most places here, too. my cousin finally got one at hmv~

LiViNgLeGaCY2812d ago

This is fantastic news for first time PS3 owners. You buy a PS3 and receive one of the greatest games on the console.

EXID2812d ago

more like one of the greatest game of THIS GEN. lol

southernbanana2812d ago

Great bundle for anyone who hasn't purchased a PS3.

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