First screen shot of Project Natal's River Rush

Here's the first actually good looking screen of Natal’s River Rush. It looks like some Pixar movie game to me, which isn’t a bad thing... as that's what Microsoft seems to be going for.

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Omega42837d ago

Looks perfect for the Avatar art style, very colourful

NecrumSlavery2837d ago

Very colorful.. Like a toon version of Uncharted....This would be a good game for 3D too

captain-obvious2837d ago

so in this game we have to jump a lot ?
it'll be cool if it can measure the parson's weight then if the person is fatter then the boat acts differently than a small or normal sized person

but can natal do that ?

anyway im still thinking about old PPL
how can they play games like this ?
like it or not old PPL are casuals too
and a lot of wii owners are old PPL

Aquanox2837d ago

The whole Natal Concept starts to take shape. When I see at this pic and imagine myself playing it I find it could be very vey fun with friends.

Sitdown2837d ago

Just out of curiosity...did/do you ask the same old people questions concerning the Wii?

Conloles2837d ago

Yawn can we get our hardcore non Natal game now plz kthx

captain-obvious2837d ago

most of the time when you play the wii
you don't have to stand most of the time
all you have to is reach the wii mote just like a normal TV remote
the wii takes alot more less effort to play than natal

im not talking about balancing boards in here
but the wiimote itself requires your hand movement only
everything we saw from natal so far requires your whole body to move

i mean think of it

Hideo_Kojima2837d ago

drunk persons game...

imagine getting drunk than playing this with a friend you will be like go left no go right go left go back than you would drop down on the floor and forget your playing a game...

It would be fun though.

Sitdown2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Its interesting that you say everything we have seen from Natal requires you to move your whole body........we have only seen one game. Or maybe I missed something...cause I have only seen people play the ball game; even then, its arguable that you have to move your whole body.

Anyway, your question was, how can they play games like thought process would be, the same way they would play games like this on the Wii...which is the reason why I asked if you raised such questions concerning the Wii. If anything, Natal might be a little better for older individuals, as natal is suppose to do a better job of tracking individuals in space, as opposed to the Wii. But I guess even before all this, what age are you qualifying as older? My thought is that if you are talking over 65, then there is probably not that big of a casual user base to be concerned about...and if you are talking under 65, they should be in good enough condition to be able to play natal just as they would the Wii.

JokesOnYou2837d ago

Imagine that a casual game that looks cool and isn'just a simple wii port.


BeOneWithTheGun2837d ago

What about people who don't want to run in their living room after work? Or maybe, don't have the SPACE to jump around?

THC CELL2836d ago

Let me tell u this now
This game could have Nathan Drake running round
It still would not even come close to uncharted level of detail
Like most xbox games

The only thing this game will offer is

You will get fit lol

JoySticksFTW2836d ago

"Or maybe, don't have the SPACE..."

Exactly, what I'm thinking

What about people living in apartments, not houses? When I was growing up, I wanted to play the drums. We didn't have the money to rent a practice space. Because I lived in an apartment I had to play "quieter" instruments.

My point is, where you live could effect how you play.

The person living downstairs from you is not going to like you and your friends laughing and jumping around above them.

Not trying to downplay Natal, but it really seems that there needs to be optimal conditions for play... or at least more variables than the other motion options to consider

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D4RkNIKON2837d ago

The screen shot looks awesome to tell you the truth. But the gameplay looks about as boring as jumprope.

"There's a rock coming up.. JUMP!!! Here comes another rock OMG, what are we going to do!?!!?)

MisterNiwa2837d ago

Dance to your hearts content.

WhittO2837d ago


Ye, all Natal games are going to basically be quick-time events of pull right arm out, duck etc...

Not going to require much SKILL

Inside_out2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

River rafting...great concept. I'm sure it'll be part of a great outdoors type of game play package...

The graphics look very sharp at this point...I know M$ is pushing the Unreal engine for development purposes...More 720p 60 FPS incoming...Many Arcade titles would work great with Natal...ilomilo anyone...M$ just getting started...the reports tonight will be insane...

asyouburn2837d ago

have fun with "river rafting" lol

oldjadedgamer2837d ago

I hate to disagree with an opinion, but serious are you excited about this demo? Or are you just trying to defend "your" console?

This seems to be like a game I played at Disney Quest (orlando) years ago.

There is a difference between games that are fun for 10 minutes and games that are fun for years (aka Halo).

I wish you "gamers" would stop siding with whatever company is delivering the new product and actually think if you would enjoy it.

socomnick2837d ago

Hopefully its like Deliverance and if you don't do well homosexual toothless hillbillies rape you and make you squeal like a pig.

Bnet3432837d ago

The screenshot looks nice and you're right, fits the Natal art style. It's like a toon version of Uncharted. Hmm ok by me.

Anon19742837d ago

Kids are going to love this, but is this enough to sway new casual gamers away from Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Brothers, Mario Kart, etc?

Natal certainly looks like it has something going for it, but it's more about it's ability to stand up against it's competition. If the camera is priced at $150, or $200 as is being reported, that's the price of a Wii right there, and casual gamers have already spoken. They love the Wii and it's library of recognizable characters. I don't think Natal has shown anything that can counter that yet.

Time will tell.

asphogears2837d ago

I like the art direction. I hope that you can use your own avatar in the game. That would be good.

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RedDragan2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Alot of CGI cutscene look good in games these days. Most games use them claiming it to be gameplay, I remember the days where gameplay was that part of a game you had to play.

ActionBastard2837d ago

"I remember they days where gameplay was that part of a game you had to play."

ActionBastard2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

You gotta have a PS3 to look at Heavy Rain Soda. If you did have a PS3 and had you played HR, you'd know how desperate your comment sounds.

asyouburn2837d ago

that comment makes you look kinda dumb. i heard in HALO, when you get your crosshairs over enemy, you have to hit RT to shoot! better call the QTE police

secksi-killer2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

my missus plays heavy rain. i dont even know if it can be classed as a game. i know fanboys love it coz it's the only button pressing interacvtive movie available so far this gen. but please, not everyone thinks that it is good. and as soon as the missus has finished it, it will be getting traded..

i dont want to ever spend time bored out of my skull, watching... well watching someone press some buttons whilst some rubbish story interactive movie is displayed on my screen

sorry fanboys. i hate it

Anon19742837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Time and time again you've shown yourself as nothing but a bitter troll who exists simply to put down other gamers rather then adding to the debate. I have yet to see you actually add anything useful or intelligent to these forums.

Remember when you wrote these gems?

"everyone knows you are nothing but a pathetic sony loving turd."

"make sure everyone knows how many BILLIONS they lost because of the ps3."

" i have no problem paying for live either. but then i go to work, and dont have to mow the lawns for some money from my parents"

Here's a thought. How about trying to add something useful to the conversation? Think you could give that a try, champ? This is an article about Natal River Raft and you're using it to hate on Heavy Rain. Why do you think anyone would care for your opinion? All you seem to be able to do with your shiny, new N4G account is hate. Here's hoping for a quick debubbling.

candystop2837d ago

He's responding to the guys trolling in this thread which is perfectly fine. Why don't you tell Action Bastard and the rest to stop trolling so gamers can enter a natal thread to talk rather than put up with immature rubbish. Here you are criticizing him yet your the one attacking him by trying to pick and choose phrases from his past. Just fyi his comment belongs here much more than yours. If you want to contribute yourself my advice is stay out of 360 threads. We all know you don't like anything 360 even though you sit there as if your giving it a chance.

OT: Game looks fun and may be a sign of newer looking much improved avatars.

secksi-killer2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

a boring brainless idiot like you seems to care enough. and care enough to read back throuch my past posts lol get a life or a girlfriend loser.

lol yeah they are gems. and no doubt strike a nerve with you darkie. your pathetic. go and write one blogs about microsoft losing money. go on, sony are always in need of a knight in shining armour. and yes i am still waiting for you to write on of your sleep inducing blogs about how much sony have lost.

but you wont write one of those, because that would be almost too painful to bear.

and dont worry about the debubbling, i'll just make another account. see ya dickride

edit @ candystop. have a bubble. he dont like me coz i called him out about his pathetic microsoft losing money blogs...but funnily enough you never see him writing the same about sony.

Anon19742837d ago

Sounds like it might be time to use the site's new options and start banning IP addresses. N4G doesn't need users who post for the sole reason of alienating other users and disrupting actual debate among gamers.

Gamers need to take this site back. The option to call out these jokers for obvious trolling is an excellent feature. Let's make sure we're all using it on those who exist only to negatively influence the gamer community.

oldjadedgamer2837d ago


I feel like you arn't as ignorant as you seem. I have read some great points that you have made through out the months that I have just been reading N4G.

But I just don't understand why you make dumb comments that don' have to do with the article at all. Who cares about Heavy Rain? I doesn't have anything to do with this discussion.

And before the he said, she said argument, just try to be the more informed consumer. Usually you will be right.

DemiT2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Darkride66 is inciting other users to debubble a fellow user.
That's against N4g TOU.

Can a mod please get onto that guy and tell him to cool his jets.
He is doing no one any favours.

Every user on here has a right to express their opinion without Darkride66's approval and consent.
We don't need him to tell us who should be debubbled.

@ candystop and SK
Don't let that jumped up kid worry you.
He's a sad little Sony fanatic who bashes anything MS at every turn.
His comment history says it best.
If I am not mistaken, he is currently busy bashing and trolling Natal articles... while calling himself a gamer.. the worst kind of troll!

I am thinking the mods need to ban his IP for inciting others to debubble a fellow user, because that's precisely what he did above and it's precisely against TOU.

You catching this mods?

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demonddel2837d ago

I know huh the PS1 and PS2 did that alot right

RedDragan2837d ago

Everyone is guilty lol.

I remember it started with the PC games, you'd look at the back of the box (RIP big cardboard boxes) and see these awesome looking pictures. They were either loading screen backgrounds or cutscenes hahaha.

Unknown2837d ago

for doing that crap. I'll never for get the Final Fantasy 7 commericals and everyone was like ole crap...PS1 looks soooo much better than the Saturn and then you play it and it looks nothing like the commerical. Disagree all you want but the facts are there. Go youtube it. Everyone likes to bash MS for their marketing but SONY was pretty good back in it's younger years because they sure had people thinking the PS1 and 2 could do PS3 graphics back in the day.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

He only use the only bubble he got to troll or say something incoherent.

avengers19782837d ago

Holy Crap something besides balls in the face.

Elginer2837d ago

Yeah but I'm sure we're still gonna see a lot of ball games haha.

52pickup2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Don't speak too soon! There might be bush indians who pop up from the sides and throw red balls of death which you then have to frantically smack before they sink your boat.

Elginer2837d ago

that would be a good use of the ball game haha

hennessey862837d ago

i cant wait for natal but that was comedy genius my friend i coudnt stop laughing when i read your post quality

D4RkNIKON2837d ago

River Rush = First of many games on rails.

2837d ago
Tommykrem2837d ago

RedDragan: That looks real-time, if you compare it to videos from the game.
The gameplay looks crap, but it still looks better than that Move slider game.
The great thing about this picture? You can see the bottom of your Avatar's shoe. Bam, there it is!

RedDragan2837d ago

The thing is I have to remain sceptical because I have studied the picture because I liked the amount of details in it... the tecture on the water is beautiful. But I cannot see any jaggies... at all.

Even Crysis in 1080p 4xAA @ Very High has jaggies. I should know, I recorded it and put it up on youtube but didn't make a point about the jaggies... I just wanted people to see what it looked like without being squished by Youtubes video resolutions.

OT: Since doing that... I don't believe 99% of the Crysis video's on Youtube. It is nigh on impossible for those videos from 2008 to be running at 1600x1200 @ very high with 8xAA and still be FRAPS'd. I find it funny they have mysteriously stopped uploading Crysis videos with their wild claims since youtube introduced 1080p compatibility lol...

Tommykrem2837d ago

Well, the most impressive Crysis videos are frame-by-frame, and that's usually written in the sideb... err underbar. Sure, they might have went over the picture a little bit like they did vith GT PSP, but if this is concept art or CGI, then they suck at concept art or CGI. This is definetly doable. All in all the game looks pretty much like HAZE in graphical quality (not in art style) and if the pictures of this is as representive of the the final products graphics as HAZE, then this game will go down steep waterfalls and land in the sea of forgetable games.