MGS4 HI RES full gameplay video (direct feed)

Here's the full 15 minute HI RES direct feed gameplay video of MGS4 taken from the official konami website.

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ReconHope3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

crapped my pants. Anyway you guys should approve it anyway cause alot of people dont bother with that alternative source/update stuff.

Liarlair3595d ago

As the video on is too damn slow,this link from the official wedsite will help alots of people.

Marceles3595d ago

They have to demo this in August or September...they just have to! *runs around on the floor in circles like Homer*

FreeMonk3594d ago

Beautiful to look at, looks great to play, I can't wait until next year.

One problem for me during that demo that stuck out like a sore thumb.

It's pretty reasistic in it's physics, it's stealth, it's weapons etc, yet Snake just pulls out a big 4ft metal can from nowhere.

Something small I know, but is distracted me from what I was watching.

Eitherway, it looks awesome!

PS-Wii-603594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

That's the first time since GTA3 that a game has given me an orgasm!
Honestly, I lost track of how many times I said OMG during that demo.

However, two words now come to mind "System Seller!"

Kinda like the Halo series, I thought the once great (and must-have) franchise might be getting a little old. After seeing that vid there's no doubt, I'm gonna finish off the collection AND love every minute of it.

EDIT: I guess I wasn't the only one to come out of this all hot and sweaty, since "orgasmic" seems to be THE word of choice for describing MGS4 =)

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inuyasha893595d ago

go to this website -

there click on mgs 20th anniversary and then click on mgs4. there u'll find the video. hope this helps.

computer3595d ago

Is it just me, or does that game look unbelievable. Seriously, like.. speechless. Wow.
Whyyyy do we have to waaaaaaaaittttttt D:

ReconHope3595d ago

and that is the flow of time. Don't worry it will come sooner than you think. ^_^

Vojkan3595d ago

Hmm there was a rumor that Sony didn't allow Kojima (he wanted to show) to show this at E3 because they were afraid that MGS4 might outshine KZ2. I still think they made mistake if that is true, but i understand them lol

QuackPot3594d ago

This gameplay would have taken some of the hype for KZ2....just like CoD4.

But there's still at least 6 months to go and should motivate GG to improve the graphics and gameplay because for sure...KZ2 is going to have tough competition with MGS


** Where's the MGS vs Gears of War comparison? **

At last we have proof that Ps3 can do just as good if not better graphics....if the developers put in the time and know what they're doing.