The JRPG is Dead: 5 Reasons Why

A once-thriving garden of enchanting story and addictive action has been reduced to a graveyard filled with rotting corpses, putrid weeds choking all signs of diverse flora. Hubris, ego, and technical evolution are to blame.

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FishCake9T42957d ago

Here's one reason : Mass Effect 2

ActionBastard2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

FF13 over 5mil sold across 2 platforms. ME2 less than 2mil sold over 2 platforms.

The West ain't the world. JRPGs are doing just fine in the places they were always doing just fine.

darthdevidem012957d ago

Correction FF13 sold 5.5 Million accross PS360

ME2 has sold around 1.7 Million accross PC/360

kewlkat0072957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

much. I currently cannot finish FFXIII because of PS3 issues but besides the Story/Music/Graphics I've played other JRPGs that offer more on Gameplay/Battles/Exploration.

We all know FF games always sell so them numbers are meh...I doubt there will be another JRPG title that hits those numbers for a while. Probably until the next Final Fantasy.

That's only part of the problem, with as to why, JRPGs are perceived to be in decline. Especially in the West. The Genre is not DEAD but WRPGs, coming from the PC--->Consoles have gotten better over the years.

Japanese devs are trying to make a lot of their games with more western influence and while disregarding what made JRPGs classic, in a traditional form. Look up the numbers for the sales of JRPGs in Japan, you'd be surprised. Only the Well known Franchises sell a lot and these days with the economy and high production cost, Japanese JRPG sales are no longer enough, to just support Japan.

Anyhow, Final Fantasy games will always be praised and bought. On a serious not, I've played all of them and I do not think FFXIII will be the best I've played ALL AROUND.

omi25p2957d ago

mass effect 2 was an exclusive where as ff13 is a multiplatform if mass effect 2 was multiplatform it would be highest seller

PhoenixDevil2957d ago

Mass Effect 2 was a multiplat its on 2 platforms (360/PC) i dnt kno much else about the sale but mass effect is a multiplatform game

RedDevils2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

I was wondering is Mass effect 2 even a Rpg at all, it look and play like a tps game lol

evrfighter2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

I'm also a ff13 owner...I have yet to finish it (i pretty much bought the ps3 for this game!). My brother has it on the 360. He has yet to finish it.

A co-worker bought it. He traded it without finishing it.

just sayin.

New Vegas is the only rpg I'm waiting for now.

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MisterNiwa2957d ago

What makes Mass Effect 2 a RPG?
The character creation? Its a Shooter with Skills to use.

Mass Effect was a full RPG.

NegativeCreepWA2957d ago

How is it not an rpg, you lvl, gain skills, play the role of someone, interact with npcs in dialog for an engaging story.

If Mass Effect is a shooter with skills, then Demon Souls is an hack n slash with attributes(amazing game btw).

RedDevils2957d ago

the way you control the player when shooting, the mechanic is the exact same way as a tps game, there so less element that to consider it an rpg

evrfighter2957d ago


Mass Effect is an RPG with an added element. That element is crosshairs.

The xfactor in wrpg vs. jrpg

Western devs are continuing to do what they can think of to help evolve the rpg genre. Japanese dev's are stuck on one mindset.

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Anarki2957d ago

I'd much prefer a JRPG over a WRPG, and I'm sure there are millions of people out there that will agree with me here.

Cloudberry2957d ago

Thus I gave you 1 "Agree".

n4f2957d ago

i agrre, there is aa reason why im buying last story, xenoblade and arc rise fantasia instead of fable 3 mass effect or ff13( i dont consider it a jrpg)

Akagi2957d ago

That's your opinion. And I'm sure you appreciate the minors in nothing but a mini-skirt and short top.

NecrumSlavery2957d ago

The Mass Effect/Fallout has made most westerners lose touch with the JRPG. I think JRPGs aren't bringing much new. It's still the whiny 12yr old boy who looks like a girl saves the world theme over and over.

Demon's Souls definitely shown us JP can still make great games.

midgard2272957d ago

jrpgs dont change????? lol if i remember western rpgs have been the same for ever. some character that doesnt say a word, a game with 0 good cutscenes, a game with tons of fetch quest aaaand yeah.

honestly people haven't playyed games like demon souls, valkyria chronicles, valkyrie profile, xenogears, xenosaga, resonance of fate etc etc...

i will always love jrpgs, tho only western rpgs i enjoy are elder scrolls, fallout, gothic 2, and diablo

all the rest r just bioware games

NecrumSlavery2957d ago

In general, most JRPGs have been very similiar this gen. No need to be so defensive. We all love different types of games.

Obama2957d ago

NecrumSlavery and I doubt you have played any real good jrpg besides ff. Non jrpg fans always to bash jrpg based on 1 or 2 popular titles.

willie62892957d ago

go play FF 6 and realize JRPG did not start with FF 7

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kindi_boy2957d ago

I have a better reason,

Japanese are trying to make games that appeal to Americans, and not games that appeal to them, hence the outcome is always shallow. That's the only reason I see.

And I don't give a **** about sales am talking games quality, for every game they made on the PS3/Xbox360 there is a better game they made on the PS2.

The only exception I can remember is Demon's Souls, that game has a western skin but in its heart is very Japanese, they did what they thought would be good to them and the game came out very solid.

Anon73492957d ago

Sure, FF13 sucks and it's a better anime than it is a game...

But look at all that fantastic JRPG this GEN

Tales Of Vesperia
Lost Odyssey
Resonance of Fate
Monster Hunter Tri
Demon's Souls (Also considered the best game this gen by many, and with good reason too)
Valkyria Chronicles
Yakuza 3/4
Pokemon (Pearl, Diamond, Black, White, ect)
Agarest of War
Disgaea 3

There are tonnnes of JRPGs that came out this gen, I can't even name them all because of the 4000 character limit. Sure, there are less JRPGs released on consoles but that's because they're expensive to make, so developers make them on the PSP/DS (Often times the Wii too because of lower Specs).

Some of you may argue that some of these games aren't JRPGs, well you're wrong. JRPGs just expanded what it means to be JRPG. They're evolving and this is only further proof why JRPGs are NOT dead.

NegativeCreepWA2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

There's only two really good games on that list.

Demon Souls which plays more like an WRPG then a JRPG and Valkyria which is a turn based tactics/strategy game.

Cloudberry2957d ago

Y A K U Z A 3 & 4




evrfighter2957d ago

yakuza's nothing more than a very enclosed japanese sandbox game with final fight/streets of rage elements...

nothing about it is rpg

Ult iMate2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

The first King's Field by From Software was released in 1994. Before Elder Scrolls or Gothic. Since then all action-JRPGs of From have some common gameplay mechanics and setting. So you cannot say, that Demon's Souls is like WRPG, because From Software was the first to make that kind of action-JRPG like King's Field and thus Demon's Souls.

Also Valkyria is a JRPG, because the genre of JRPG is not limited by any gameplay mechanics. There are turn bsed tactical JRPGs like FF Tactics or Jeanne Dark. Only VC doesn't stick to squares or hexagonals (like in Wild Arms FX).

@ evrfighter, have you played the third Yakuza? It's not like the first one anymore. There's much more of action-JRPG elements in it.
Or maybe you know another sandbox game with that much stats to level up?

TotalPS3Fanboy2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

On the DS, JRPGs are thriving like wildfire.

NegativeCreepWA2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Elder scrolls was also released in 1994.

And so you know games like FFT and Ogre tactics fall into the strategy genre not jrpg. Which would make Valkyria a strategy game.

Ult iMate2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

You play too much PC games, I suppose. The consoles are different thing. And the genres there somehow differs. FF Tactics, Valkyria and such ARE Tactical JRPGs.

And also.. So what Elder Scroll was released in 1994? It was completely different from King's Field. So still the Demon's Souls follows the gameplay that From Software invented and not WRPGs.

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secksi-killer2957d ago

after playing star ocean. last remnant, infinite undiscovery and ff13. i personally cannot seeing me playing another jrpg! boring, cheesy, ultra repetetive and childish, imo fable 2 destroys any jrpg so far this gen. and the mass effect games...well, lets not even go there!

Gun_Senshi2957d ago

ME2 while great is a shooter with rpg elements. ME1 is way better

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RedDragan2957d ago

I am pretty sure Japan would have something to say about these claims.

Nike2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

If they weren't so ludicrous? Sure.

Also, for any one who thinks JRPGs suffer from mediocre story telling, check out:

Go back and play FFVIII after reading this theory, and then tell me they make "dumb stories".

Also, this guy thinks Final Fantasy VII is the holy grail of JRPGs which, no disrespect to FFVII, shows how limited his outlook is on the genre. I mean, Shadow Hearts, Fire Emblem, Persona, Vagrant Story, Xenogears, XenoSaga, Maken X, Skies of Arcadia, The World Ends With You...there are so many RPGs that disprove his points. And the first point is just a matter of personal preference ("Ooh, it has Chocobos! How unrealistic and stupid!").

darthdevidem012957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )


But FF6 is the best FF!

lpfisher2957d ago

FFVII was nothing, if not mediocre... definitely not the best in the series

NeoBasch2957d ago

Persona 4, Xenosaga: Episode 3, Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Xenogears, Skies of Arcadia, and The World Ends With You were all better than Final Fantasy VII. Notice how most of the games I listed had incredibly complex stories. Save your breath. JRPGs are far from over.

kenpachi2957d ago

go play Demon's Souls and see if you think JRPG's are dead

eggbert2957d ago

sure it's an RPG made by a a Japanese studio, but its obvious they were going for the WRPG feel.

Its only a JRPG in the sense it was made by a japanese studio. It's not stylistic of JRPG's at all.

UP2957d ago

its very much a jrpg

midgard2272957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

hold on, so because it uses a medievil theme means its western? wtf lol.

right, i gotta remember that next time i actually die in a game...who dies in western rpgs unless they r attacking an elite guard for diablo :p

i mean in a western rpg u almost never remember the character, no westernn rpg character was ever iconic.....i wonder why.....o yeah they dont do anything

Bodyboarder_VGamer2957d ago

@midgard227 Magna Carta is a franchise made by a korean devs but the game is considered a Jrpg, Shadow Hearts was made by a western dev and the game's considered a Jrpg too. The truth is that DS has more in common with Wrpg than Jrpg... These days Jrpg is considered a sub-genre, not a nationality reference.

Of course this is debatable but my examples are strong.

kewlkat0072957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

and I have the game...It's an old-school style WRPG by my accounts. Nothing new about it, except the crazy difficulty which caught gamers by surprise looking at today's games.

TotalPS3Fanboy2957d ago

I don't know why. But then again, people also called Mass Effect 2 a WRPG when in fact, it's just a Third-Person-Shooter game.

An example of WRPG game would be Oblivion.

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SpoonyRedMage2957d ago

Pokémon is a JRPG so...really?

Da One2957d ago

JRPG's are still in a good space whether people like it or not.

Nike2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

The writer of this article is dead. Brain-dead. /jk

But yeah, there are plenty of traditional (Tales, Star Ocean, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Monster Hunter) and non-traditional (Resonance of Fate, Demon's Souls, Persona, Disgaea) JRPGs being made. The day they stop selling, followed by the next few years of no one making them is when we could consider them "dead".

Hell, they said the adventure genre was dead. But look at just about any single game and you will see elements of adventure in it. The Legend of Zelda, Heavy Rain, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, sand box games... No genre can ever "die". (Heavy Rain could be considered a "pure" adventure game, and even that saw great sales numbers)