Metal Gear Solid Mobile "Stealth" Gameplay Video

This amazing looking mobile game "Metal Gear Solid Mobile", looks better than the original MGS1 game for Playstation 1 and even better than MGS: PO, even close to MGS2 graphics for the PS2. No word on what phone(s)this is for but it probably won't come out in the West for quite some time.

Check it out for yourself.

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TriggerHappy4134d ago

what phone is this going on ? Am in the process of changing my phone..Let me know so i pick the right one and wait for this

EDIT: Looks amazing for a cell phone game.

gaffyh4134d ago

cant wait to see the phone for this game, and i wonder if this is MGS1 storyline

Lord Anubis4133d ago

I really want the game and the phone although I hope the game plays in all Sony Erickson phones.