Nick’s E3 2010 Expectations, Dreams & Wishes

The biggest gaming event is right around the corner! As a casual RPG player who is super exited about E3 I'm sharing my thoughts on what epic things might happen next week.

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Umbrella Corp2900d ago

No offence Kaim would murder lightning hahaha

blumatt2900d ago

Versus 13 better stay PS3 exclusive. I want to see what can be done by Square when they have less limitations. I want towns, airships, a world map, sidequests, etc. just like I had in my all time favorite game: Final Fantasy 8 (which I'm playing through again using my original strategy guide from long ago).

wazzim2900d ago

isn't because of the platform but more about what those devs want. (even FF4 DS had towns, world map, etc etc) Luckily, Nomura wants more of those classic stuff.

NecrumSlavery2900d ago

VersusXIII looks urban. I'd expect something less classic. They trailer makes me think there won't even be chocobo in it.

Stealth20k2900d ago

I hope we here about dq VI and dq monster joker 2 from square being released in america by square.