E3 2010: Hideo Kojima's Teaser Shows More Signs Of Metal Gear

Ironstar: "The teaser site that Konami launched a few days ago for Hideo Kojima has updated. A still capture of the constantly changing cutting footage reveals two characters written in the same font as Metal Gear Solid 4."

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B-Real2062837d ago

the countdown ends in two days. So would that be monday or tuesday?

Optical_Matrix2837d ago

Tuesday. It ends on the 15th.

FiftyFourPointTwo2837d ago

lol @ those who disagreed with you.

captain-obvious2837d ago

the same day as Sony's press conference
am i right ?

MechaGear2837d ago

Same day as E3 starts. Get those press conferences out of yer heads.
And it'll be the final cut of MGS4 .

WhittO2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Lmao I know, think they are desperate MS fans wanting it to end on the time MS conference is taking place, must realise how much they are missing out on after seeing MGS4.

MisterNiwa2837d ago

Metal Gear + Cut

This could mean, we might see a Metal Gear Remake on PS3 or PSP?

Optical_Matrix2836d ago

@Fifty...mate I know. All I'm doing is using my logic and fanboys gotta try and tear me down. The countdown is now at 2 days. It's the 13th today. 13+2 is 15. Meaning this countdown ends on the 15th of June. I don't know how people are debating this.

Mainman2836d ago

Metal Gear Rising. Raiden hack & slash, and i bet those japanese symbols are the names of the deity's we saw in that MGS:R trailer last year.

Personally I would LOVE to see MGS4 director's cut, but I wont get my hopes up.

El Botto2836d ago

Konami conference is also on Tuesday I believe.

So it is simply an unveilling of a new game. Probably the next chapter in the Metal Gear series, featuring Raiden.

Metal Gear Rising.

Instead the bots used it in their desperation and claimed that it would come today on Monday.

You gotta be pretty delusional to think something is coming for the 360. 360 is done and is standing on its last legs. I pity the fool who still cant see this.

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Blacktric2836d ago

I think I'm gonna agree with that Examiner writer for once. This might be a teaser for Metal Gear Solid 4: Director's Cut.

evrfighter2836d ago

snake comes back with a modded wheelchair?

ThanatosDMC2836d ago

HAHAHAHA! He'll have a hidden nuke launcher somewhere on said wheelchair.

V3N0M2836d ago

Or a metal gear made out of a lazy-boy.

ico922836d ago

MGS 4 Subsistence?... i dunno how they could improve on that game because it was pretty much perfect IMO

vhero2836d ago

MGS5 exclusive to PS3 you read it here first :p. Well maybe not but its possible..

arakouftaian2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

He show us MGS5
I'm j/k he did not but wow everybody loves that guy
and I respect him for talking in Japanesse? to us And not English
wich is great and it shows on how proud he is from his country
and his lenguage wich is nice.

Argentina campeon del Muldial!!!( I'm not Argentinian )

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FiftyFourPointTwo2837d ago

Seriously, we need someone who can read japanese here.

NeutralGamer2837d ago

LOL I wonder why NONE commented this...

Its fake?

When I go to the countdown site there are no characters there?

Gabe EatsWell2837d ago

Its not a fake. You just have to wait for the characters to randomly show up.

Optical_Matrix2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

I'm a Japanese student of 8 years. One of the Kanji written on that site says "Steal" or "Snatch" if I'm making it out correctly.

Downtown boogey2836d ago

Thank you! But this is... Unexpected...

morganfell2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

There is the possibility it is a remake of Snatcher, something he remarked upon before.

The words can also mean Wisely Achieve, or Gain Through Careful Planning, or to Obtain by Guile, Cunning, or Intellect. Something to that effect.

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Snakefist302837d ago

Hoping It Is A PS3 Exclusive!!!!!!!!!

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120FPS2837d ago

Metal Gear
Hoping It Is A 360 Exclusive!!!!!!!!!

Kingdom Come2837d ago

Just because the Countdown ends during Sony's Conference doesn't necesarily mean it will be exclusive to their console. Remember last E3? There was a countdown to the MGS: Rising announcement and thats multiplatform...

The Wood2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

but that was how MS dressed it up ....'Its ours' as in 'we're sharing' lol

Time will tell, no point speculating.

its true though....should i bring up the comments made.....dare me

from these comments its clear to see that 'SOME' were led to believe that it was an exclusive......why is that...just saying

falviousuk2837d ago

The countdown finishes on the 15th which is when E3 starts officially. MS always have their Press event the day before E3 starts.
Nothing to do with the Sony Press event more than likely as Sony always have their on first official day of E3 along with Nintendo.

Cloudberry2837d ago

I'm enjoying Peace Walker right now, great game.

@The Wood, I noticed you ask me about Yakuza 3 beach training a day ago in other news thread.

I was on vacation yesterday and no Internet except when I work in my office.

"Dear Cloudberry
that dude on the beach in Yakuza 3 keeps effin me up. I have to buy copious amounts of ramen just so i can get thru the beating... I stay away from the beaches now........ Please help "

If you talking about the beach training, the nunchucks & kali sticks I have some tips for you :

1. Keep away from him.

2. He will try to beat you down (not combo) with his Kali Sticks / Nunchucks. An attack from upward to the ground.

3. Avoid his attack with dodging sideways / side stepping to his back.

4. Grab his head from behind + press SQUARE 3 times combo.

5. While he's down, get close to him, & press TRIANGLE to stomp him / HEAT action.

6. Repeat from 1.

Biggest2836d ago

It's funny to see those old comment, The Wood. With all the "OMG PS3 FANBOYZ R DA WORST!" blogs and discussions lately people seem to have lost track of last year. That being said. . . I hope for a good game that makes its way to the PS3. If Peace Walker is any indication, the new game will be great.

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Blacktric2836d ago

Yes I hope it'll be a 360 exclusive with 12 discs and without the ability to insall it on any HDD. So you'll stop your whining about Metal Gear Solid games next time.

120FPS2837d ago

Metal Gear
Hoping It Is A wii Exclusive!!!!!!!!!

Gabe EatsWell2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Huh? You dont want an HD Metal Gear?

Below: Still isnt funny.

timmyrulz2837d ago

i think he was been sarcastic

crazydrummerlad12836d ago

HAHAHAHA that caught me off guard