Go! Gaming Giant: Zoo Disc Golf, Lead The Meerkats, and Reel Fishing Challenge II reviews

From the review:

"Have you always wished that you could control your own clan of meerkats and dig a bunch of holes in the desert? Me neither, but Lead The Meerkats is giving us the chance anyway. In this little adventure, you play as a meerkat who has been separated from her clan after being chased off by the mean “dark meerkats” because that’s what happens in meerkat life. Now left on her own, your meerkat must burrow holes, find a mate, eat bugs, reproduce, and hopefully reunite with her clan."

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Murgatroyd72933d ago

Nintendo needs to stop being so lenient with the games that are allowed to be released. If they keep this up, they will run WiiWare into the ground.

Fabian2933d ago

This may be a case of Nintendo just trying to keep the release schedule rolling, even if they know they don't really have any hits in the mix at the moment. Even though the big game releases may have convinced us otherwise, we are heading into the lean summer months, and at that point the manufacturers just have to try to convince us that we shouldn't just hibernate until autumn.

omicron0092933d ago

ahh, attack of the crappy wiiware games

LukeA2932d ago

These titles are just awful, what is Nintendo doing?

RaymondM2931d ago

Ouch, this was not a good week for nintendo. Well, maybe they'll pick up the slack next week. Hopefully anyways. Also, I think we'll see some good stuff from them at E3.
I could kill for some Metroid right about now