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Submitted by mjolliffe 2066d ago | news

GAME Norway, Sweden Price Natal At £130/$185

So the countdown to Natal pre-orders from the British side of retailer GAME led us to a dead end - for the moment - on the topic of Project Natal's price. However, the Norwegian and Swedish sides of the company have all priced the device at over £100. (Project Natal, Xbox 360)

SpaceSquirrel  +   2066d ago
I don't think many consumers will buy Natal at that price.
zootang  +   2066d ago
It would only make sense if it was an Arcade bundle with natal for £130

now that would would make more sense and sell
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fryday  +   2066d ago
The real price will be announced at the preE3
Spawn-KING  +   2066d ago
I agree,that price is a ripoff ....
$99.99 or less Natal should be ...
magnifier  +   2066d ago
I agree. This price is actually way to high.
kidnplay  +   2066d ago
It seems like alot for another peripheral. If it's the correct price, and PlayStation Move is less, it could see Microsoft losing out on the potential which Natal has.
gravemaker  +   2066d ago
for 2 cameras and microphone it is too much
Triella  +   2066d ago
Informed people know
Depth sensing camera based on IR are expensive piece of hardware period.

Just look at IR cam used for suveillance purpose they range from 100$ to 450$ and they're only simple thermal cam, with no incorporated mic nor a secondary camera.

And MS has to add to that the licencing price for the gesture recognition software and the gesture control interface for NXE made by Gesturetek.

Believe me, if MS prices Natal below 100$ then it will mean they're loosing quite a bunch of money on each hardware sold and I don't think their game division is ready for another loss.
josh14399  +   2066d ago
that price seems a bit high you can buy an xbox 360 arcade for £119.99 in the uk. unless natal is £60 or under i cant see it doing well because its target audience are children and i doubt parents want to pay for that plus and xbox to play it on. Microsoft are known for making overpriced accessories but surely they wouldn't be stupid enough to charge that much. Official pricing will probably be announced at e3 so we will find out then.
Tony-A  +   2066d ago
They're going to try to justify it by saying that it's basically four controllers and cool new tech.

The more I see the high prices, the more I'm expecting it. If it's not more than the WiFi adapter, I'm going to think it's absurd.
mjolliffe  +   2066d ago
It's certainly a little hefty, but I expect many will just wait until the price drops to around $100, won't they?
PhilipLarkin  +   2066d ago
Yeah, but I doubt many people would want to wait that long when the Wii and possibly Move are cheaper.
silvacrest  +   2066d ago
that seems logical but since microsofts other accessories are still expensive even though they have been available for a while, natal could end up the same

your only chance would be if stores decided to have a sale for whatever reason
Slimebeast  +   2066d ago
Old info!
This is at least a month old. GAME Sweden has had that price for a long time and it's only based on pure speculation.

1500 Swedish money = 1300 Danish = ~£140 = ~ $190
Red-Dead-Roar  +   2066d ago
same in Norway. Been priced at 1199 nok @ for at least a month. the elite is 1699 nok ....
shoddy  +   2066d ago
most of us already know that.
so Natal is a new console.
SDF Repellent  +   2066d ago
Why are people saying move is a better deal..
When you factor in the rumored priced of $99, the Move package is only for one player.

Natal can track up to 4 players at a time, no additional controllers are needed, and may incorporate new features like 3D without the need of 3D glasses or new 3D TV.
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ipe  +   2066d ago
99$ is for
camera,move,additional controller, package of games.

Move alone ll be 40$. There ll be probably some deals for example 3 move controllers for 100$ etc.

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k2d  +   2066d ago
Natal price almost at teh point where you'd be better off buying a PS3..
mrv321  +   2066d ago
You do realise the Move package comes with A camera, game, Move controller and sub comtroller... The Eyetoy can support upto 4 player so yeah...
ATLGAMER  +   2066d ago
I cant believe you guys thought it would be 60 bucks...Price gouging is Ms forty ...not to say Sony and Nintendo arent kin to it also
Parapraxis  +   2066d ago
"Price gouging is Ms' forté"
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ATLGAMER  +   2066d ago
in Ga
Its forty...and the red state shines ( i hate republicans) but thats a side note....
Parapraxis  +   2066d ago
no's forte, which is French for "strength" lol.
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C L O U D  +   2066d ago
Wow that is overly expensive, I might as well buy another 360 with that staggering price.
HINDERIZATION  +   2066d ago
it was nice knowing you M$
tudors  +   2066d ago
It's true though what people say....
it's still less than move if you need more players than just one, but I guess that's ok because it's Sony.
blumatt  +   2066d ago
Let's break this down for a sec....
Dude most people are going to buy 2 Moves at the most. Some might buy more, but the majority will only buy 1 or 2. The Eye/Move bundle will probably cost $100 and an extra Move will be like $60. So that's $160. This article says Natal will be $185.
ForzaGT  +   2066d ago
typical M$, that is a price of 360
they will have to show it is value for money at this price,
otherwise it may just turn out to be overpriced accesory
XDF  +   2066d ago
I already know the price of people will be in for a surprise.

Hint: Gamestop stock control...that is all
Parapraxis  +   2066d ago
suure ya do.
bjornbear  +   2066d ago
lul wut?
child labour?
Sprud  +   2066d ago
Those prices are including 25% VAT. They seem reasonable, everything costs more here than everywhere else anyway.
divideby0  +   2066d ago
LOL.... that price marks this device as a failure...
as much as I am into Natal...sorry not paying that to put it on my launch 360..
mac4u10  +   2066d ago
omg please tell me this is wroung
No fu*king way are Microsoft crazyyyy!!!
VladimirK  +   2066d ago's timer was pretty pointless.

It hit 0 and just went to, "-1 Days: -1 Hours: 59 Minutes: 59 Seconds".
(Haha, yeah, I know it's really sad that I watched it, but I really didn't have anything better to do just now and wondered what was gonna happen).

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