GAME Norway, Sweden Price Natal At £130/$185

So the countdown to Natal pre-orders from the British side of retailer GAME led us to a dead end - for the moment - on the topic of Project Natal's price. However, the Norwegian and Swedish sides of the company have all priced the device at over £100.

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SpaceSquirrel2870d ago

I don't think many consumers will buy Natal at that price.

zootang2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

It would only make sense if it was an Arcade bundle with natal for £130

now that would would make more sense and sell

fryday2870d ago

The real price will be announced at the preE3

Spawn-KING2870d ago

I agree,that price is a ripoff ....
$99.99 or less Natal should be ...

kidnplay2870d ago

It seems like alot for another peripheral. If it's the correct price, and PlayStation Move is less, it could see Microsoft losing out on the potential which Natal has.

gravemaker2870d ago

for 2 cameras and microphone it is too much

Triella2870d ago

Depth sensing camera based on IR are expensive piece of hardware period.

Just look at IR cam used for suveillance purpose they range from 100$ to 450$ and they're only simple thermal cam, with no incorporated mic nor a secondary camera.

And MS has to add to that the licencing price for the gesture recognition software and the gesture control interface for NXE made by Gesturetek.

Believe me, if MS prices Natal below 100$ then it will mean they're loosing quite a bunch of money on each hardware sold and I don't think their game division is ready for another loss.

josh143992870d ago

that price seems a bit high you can buy an xbox 360 arcade for £119.99 in the uk. unless natal is £60 or under i cant see it doing well because its target audience are children and i doubt parents want to pay for that plus and xbox to play it on. Microsoft are known for making overpriced accessories but surely they wouldn't be stupid enough to charge that much. Official pricing will probably be announced at e3 so we will find out then.

Tony-A2870d ago

They're going to try to justify it by saying that it's basically four controllers and cool new tech.

The more I see the high prices, the more I'm expecting it. If it's not more than the WiFi adapter, I'm going to think it's absurd.

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The story is too old to be commented.