Resident Evil 6: Staying Fresh

A speculative look at what might be in store for us with Resident Evil 6

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Fierce Musashi2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Please let it stay in the more traditional Survival Horror fashion.

Rikitatsu2814d ago

The team is lost.
Just look at how Resident Evil 5 turned out.

With Inafune's policy of appealing to the west, I suspect RE6 to be more action-y.

gtamike2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Yeah Resident Evil 5 was bad without the original director/creator.
I didn't mind Resident Evil 4 as it was new and had some scary parts well more than what Resident Evil 5 has. Really good level design to for Resident Evil 4.

EDIT: why does chris redfield look like Arnold Schwarzenegger and jill valentine have blond hair?!?!?

I love the old Resident Evils alot 0,1,2,3 :D

scofios2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

I agree with you .
I said that many times Inafune is a big joke with he's stupid west policy , and if they continue letting him make the disions at capcom , then that will be the downfall of capcom .
Just look at every crap game ( bionic commando , dark void ) released by capcom this gen he was involved .

Eamon2813d ago

There were no survival horror in RE5.

It was just a basic 3rd person shooter with zombies with an idiot AI tagging along.

I'm hoping RE6 will be more like RE4 or maybe it should just go back to the good old days of real survival horror like RE1 and RE2.

smurfee2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

you mean things like:
slow zombies
fixed camera in some places instead of 3rd person all the time.
scarce ammo, gives you the fear of almost not being able to fight back, you have to run.

Believe me, if they add these elements back into RE6 then it will bring some justice back into the franchise.
Also I rather have one or two human zombies that require a magazine and a half to kill rather than a whole spawn of them that are easy to kill...

CoffeewithChess2814d ago

really enjoy Resident Evil 4, as much as past Resident Evil games. *Prepares flame shield

I don't know why. I don't know if it was the setting, or the actual change of view point with the camera.

I don't remember fearing walking down hallways, wondering what was going to jump through a window at me, like the past Resident Evil games.

IrishAssa2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

I agree in the scary way, it wasn't really Resident evil anymore, I think it was a better game than the others though. It one of the best games ever imo besides the crap final boss.

RE5 just sucked though. I dunno why. Co-op sorta ruined it completely I thought. There wasn't as much cool cutscenes like the knifefight in 4. And the inventory system was gone. Edit---Also shitty ending to Wesker

deadreckoning6662814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Agreed. I didn't buy RE5, but I saw the ending on youtube. A crappy ending for Wesker indeed. Btw, is it just me, or was RE3 the scariest Resident Evil? Nemesis used to scare the hell outta me. If u didn't kill him and ran away, he could follow you through rooms in the mansion/police station!

IrishAssa2814d ago

Yeah I think RE3 was the scariest. Nemesis' random apearances scared the shit outta me and the music was more tense and made the place feel dangerous. I love all Re's though besides 5

Galaxia2814d ago

Resident Evil 3 was definitely one of the scariest and my personal favorite in the series. I love it to death, Nemesis is so scary and is one of the best bosses ever.

But I think the RE Remake on the GC is the scariest. It's criminally overlooked, go buy it for the Wii now. Definitely one of the best if not the best in the series.

Anyways, for RE6 I think they should either go back to their roots completely. Or actually just properly outsource it to the west, give it someone good like Visceral (Dead Space) who will make Resident Evil awesome, fun, and scary again.

IrishAssa2814d ago

Oh yeah I forgot about that. Crimson Heads scared the shit outta me in that one .

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cobraagent2814d ago

make it like Resi 4 but harder. Power can destroy horror. If they give a thousand bullets you don't have to be afraid of anything, like in resi 5. But what if they give you 10? You are gonna have to be very careful, looking behind you every second. A dark atmosphere and some creepy music wouldn't be bad either

LeonSKennedy4Life2814d ago

Bring back zombies, make them more convincing (28 Days Later style), and give us a more mobile shooting style. Reinvent the genre! Come on! We want Leon back too. Haha.

Leon is freaking awesome!!!

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akiraburn2814d ago

Even as a huge fan of the original RE titles, I actually really enjoyed RE4 as well, and I felt that it still had enough of that "fear" aspect. Playing the first time through, trying to take out the dude with the chainsaw, or for that matter, the leviathan boss, that was massively creepy. And yeah, I was definitely a fan of Leon.

Regardless, I think everyone pretty much agrees that RE5 was missing all the things that made RE4 a likable and fun re-invention of the RE series. Were RE5 not branded with the name and the intention of being a survival horror game, it may have been received as a decent Action/TPS. But as a survival horror title, it doesn't really fulfill any of it's expectations.

Without Mikami, RE5 lost a lot of it's soul and quality designs. It was completely missing things like actual puzzles, the ability to re-trace your steps to old areas, or having any real sense of a fear aspect. Not to mention their awful character design (Chris looks like he was on roids, and Wesker became Neo from the Matrix?), unacceptably atrocious AI, and utterly moronic story concepts which were all tailored not to the survival horror fans, but to the casual TPS fans.

I agree. Bring back zombies, or something closer to them. Give me a real challenge in the game besides having to worry if my moron AI partner is going to get him/herself killed. Bring back survival. I want to see some really different experiences on each playthrough, like RE2 gave us. Heck, I think they should bring back the Leon/Claire duo for another game! Well, that's my thoughts anyway, not everyone may agree, but I think a lot of people share my sentiments.

Coolmanrico2814d ago

Personally I liked RE5 way more RE4. RE5 continued the series story, while RE4 story concept was the one tailored for the causal fans. I mean really, a cliché go rescue the president daughter. The only thing Resident Evil about it was Leon and Ada.

Re5 on the other hand, Had Chris( That by the way, they excellently designed. I always hated in the pass game that Chris looked to plain. Personally I hate how people say he look like he on roids, but I guess anyone with muscles must be on roids right.) Anyway they also had Jill, Wesker, returned the lickers, they even introduced a new company to take Umbrella place. The story was pretty disorientated, but at least we weren’t search for the President daughter.

rabbitgrip2814d ago

i don't think the enemies were that stupid, they just moved on the same outdated tank controls that you (the player) had to use. netime i got overrun w/enemies, I'd simply run past them (as they can't, ya know, strafe) and try again. repeat that endlessly, and you've beaten RE5.

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