What Is Microsoft’s Massive Surprise Announcement ? Writes: Microsoft is well known for pulling something big out their virtual ass at E3 events; last year blowing us away with their Project Natal announcement. The question remains 'What could they possibly do this time to get the gaming community pumped for the next 12 months?

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Bumpmapping2933d ago

Halo 4 and timed exclusive DLC.

Delta2933d ago ShowReplies(2)
Michael-Jackson2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

NO BUNGIE NO GOOD, just saying as a possibility.

more timed exclusive crap? you can bet on it.

Iamback2933d ago

That they are leaving gaming industry

mittwaffen2933d ago

Why would you even say that?

Less competition = You get screwed out of more money down the road.

Fool, competition is a great thing for gaming.

Blacktric2933d ago

Natal being 149 pounds?

ElementX2933d ago

I wish I were 149 pounds.

Hellsvacancy2933d ago

U wish its £149? id b wishin it was cheaper by at least half that price

morventhus2933d ago


Blacktric2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

I'm not trolling about its price. Just saying if Microsoft really wants to confront Wii and Move they really really need to lower that price (if it's the real price that is). Move and Sub Controller bundled with Eye Toy will cost less then 99 dollars according to Sony. Natal costs around 200 dollars according to Game. Do the math for the new buyers and existing system owners. If they bundle Natal with 360 Arcade then sell it for 299, Sony can do the same for 350-399 dollars with PS3 250 Gig. If they use 120 gig instead of 250 price will be around 300-350. So it'll be a bargain considering the size of HDD, included Wi-fi and free online. You'll need to buy these for extra price if you are a new 360 user.

leeger2932d ago

go play natal and you will be 149 pounds soon.

ElementX2932d ago

I might see what this rumored bundle announcement at E3 is about. Actually 149 pounds would be anorexic looking for me. 175 would be good :)

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Inside_out2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

Microsoft has really done a great job building suspense this year. Every 360 article has created alot of questions...

Microsoft signed a deal with LG for a 3D bundle back in April/May....Hmmmm...That would surprise a few people if it releases soon, like in July here...

How about Natal goes on sale in July...That would be incredible, all tho highly unlikely...

Insomniac has a timed exclusive with M$ for there gritty time travelling warfare game...

A killer App for Natal...that is available to the millions of PC gamers and casuals around the world...This one may actual be true. Fable is Natal friendly and is gonna be available on PC...Fable 2 was not...Hmmmm...

Hideo has an exclusive Natal Game...

Hideo and Konami announce MGS5 for the 360 and its a time exclusive...

New 360 slim comes with a built in blu-ray player....

XBL will be FREE to platinum holders with a Gold still costing $5 a month...matches PS3...

KiRBY30002933d ago

MGS5 = Peace Walker and its a Playstation exclusive (PSP) just sayin'...

funny tho when even 360 fanboys wet dreams are about "time exclusive" stuff. seriously, thats the best you expect from MS? kinda pathetic. and 360 slim with built in bluray, really? why do you like xbox or microsoft so much? you sound like you want a playstation.

mittwaffen2933d ago

Peacewalker isnt MGS5....
Its a PSP MGS..doesnt have shit on MGS4.

MGS5 will be like 1,2,3,4 not a knockoff.

KiRBY30002933d ago

i agree with you, but Kojima consider Peace Walker to be MGS5. look it up.

tinybigman2932d ago

Kojima himself said he considers Peace Walker the true sequel to MGS4 since it actually follows the story of Snake Eater ten years later. like someone else said look it up.

mittwaffen2932d ago

Thats pretty sad, i've seen the game and have been following it like crazy.

Its a sad feat to say that MGS5; it feels like a mix between the turn based MSG on PSP and MGS3. Nothing amazing that the other console MGS games pushed when they came out.

MGS5 isnt peace walker IMO, PSP limits what can be done with such an amazing genre via limiting controls.

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tinybigman2932d ago

to the tell they secured FF13vs for multiplatform release. this wouldn't surprise me since at all since SE hasn't kept their word since the start of this gen. i'll still get the game for ps3 but i can definitely give up on the idea of them actually using the ps3 to its fullest.

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Delta2933d ago

Black ops timed exclusive DLC. How much you wanna bet?

2933d ago
LordMarius2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

Microsoft.... Massive.....

....sounds like Gabe Newell to me

Yep, but its the first thing that came to my head :)

Delta2933d ago

That was a bad Fat joke.

LeonSKennedy4Life2933d ago

Hm...they ARE good at janking stuff.

It'll be interesting.

intoxica2933d ago

It's always the way with all the game companies getting the hype train in motion. Will be interesting thats for sure

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