Game prices Natal at £145

After GAME revealed a countdown timer yesterday to today's Natal conference held in LA. It appears that the Danish GAME has priced the product at 1.299,00 DKK.

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Tompkins2960d ago

It should bundle with a game pack (5 games). If not, then it's way too expensive.

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LordMarius2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

"around £145 that's just over $200."
I find this hard to believe, no way they will price it this high

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Fozzy252960d ago

Well if it is released for $150 US dollars, it will more than likely be released for more than $200 AUS dollars, and I severely doubt many people will buy it for that price. The next few days should be very interesting.

Anon19742960d ago

For the same price as a camera attachment you could get a family friendly Wii, with Mario happily waving back at you. Who on earth is going to pay $200 for a camera, then $200 for the console to play Ricochet and Milo when you could pick up a Wii for so much less?

I don't believe this. It's suicide, and Microsoft has to know it.

Umb2960d ago

At $200 AUD that's almost the same price as a x360 arcade and almost half the price of a PS3.

I think MS may have a bundle deal or the price will alienate a large percentage of users who's not made of money. It will be like the PS3 launch all over again, way too pricey for most. But then again the PS3 offered a hell of a lot more then just a webcam that can track objects in 3D.

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The story is too old to be commented.