Will the Playstation Move be a "Game Changer"?

How great it is to be a gamer this year, for hardcore gamers and casual gamers it seams like the major consoles and distributors are ready to launch some major products this fall.

Time magazine has released an article this past Friday detailing the innovation that is the PlayStation Move. According to the article the PlayStation Move could possibly be a game changer. With a 100$ dollar price tag for Move it will not break the bank and will come packed with more graphic intensive games than what the Wii can deliver now.

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cobraagent2683d ago

on the games. Sony has never dumped their hardocre audience(unlike Nintendo) so i expect them to bring us shooters, rpgs and a lot more for move

DigitalRaptor2683d ago

We will have to wait until E3 to surely know this, but right now it's looking pretty positive for Move, as opposed to Natal where we've only seen 1 or 2 games and they've both been casual crap. But E3 will tell.