Eminem to Appear at Activision E3 Event?

Ripten writes: "It’s absolutely crazy the amount of news we get from Twitter nowadays. From the announcement of different trailers to release dates for games, a lot of gaming news is delivered through Twitter- even if it’s done so inadvertently..."

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gynecologistcobra2960d ago

I'm sure he'll be there, but the question is what is he going to do while he's there?

PoSTedUP2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

hopefully hes there to NOT take another three years to release an album with only 3 good songs. i kid i kid. : o
i love em though

this dude produces some of the best hiphop i ever herd.
other good songs from beast1333 are: tempel of hiphop, 133 bars, rap olympics etc.
underground hiphop is where its at.
the lyrics to this song blow me away everytime i listen.

Redrum0592960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

Big fan of eminem, but I'm tired of the whole "celebs at E3" bull.
I want devs demonstrating quality games.
Like the good old days.

say, that's some damn good music bro. I like his lyrics. It realy gets u thinking outside the box if u know wat I mean.
Just cuz u can't see somthing doesn't mean it's not there.
Good music
damn good music

Edit: can someone please explain the disagree please. Stop stealth disagreeing and come out, show yourself.

mugoldeneagle032960d ago

To anyone who digs Em, BUY RECOVERY DAY 1. The album is one of the best rap albums I've ever heard, bias aside. If you guys want some tastes check out

Cold Wind Blows
Wont Back Down
Going Through Changes
Love The Way You Lie (lil softcore)

Those are just some of the big hitters. The entire album is bangin.

As for the article, it'll most likely be for DJ Hero 2, idk what else he would be involved in..

Rainstorm812960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

Blame Microsoft....... I know people like to blame MS for everything but MS likes to make thier E3 conf a media specticle, Thats why every year they show multiplats yet a vast majority of the media and fans say they won E3 although the content doesnt match.

Even now anytime the media mentions last years E3..."MS had the still living Beatles and Steven Spielberg introduced Natal" Yet they spent close to 45 mins on MW2 and Rock Band. T

Its about star power + games, not just games.......of course activision was gonna follow suit

@disagreers - Sorry but its the truth, MS knows the US star power will draw the peoples' attention.

Just look at VH1 for GOD'S SAKE! Its used to be a music video station, now its the celebrity reality station.

PoSTedUP2960d ago

im glad you liked it redrum, add me to PSN bro, PSNID: StreetVeteran. its underground real hiphop where they can rap about what ever they want, not like commercial hiphop where they are limited to what they can say (hence why eminems lyrics are getting really wierd and are not making much sense anymore, hence why most rappers rap about just cars, money, girls etc.) i get sick of that stuff real easy.

and yeah i dont care about celeb even though i like eminem, just give me the good stuff!!!! : ]

the dissagrees are from haters redrum, i just ignore them.

@ mugoldeneagle- is that the album right after Relapse where he took the whole album of Relapse and just added 5 more songs (only 1 song was good imo) and then re-sold it again? if it is, i don't buy into SCAMS and lazy artistry. if not, i will check it out, maybe you can post a song here for me?

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OneSneakyMofo2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

He'll come out rapping and then Drake'll join in followed by Ice T. Then Cliffy B'll come out throwing his hands in the air waving them like he just don't care. Then Gabe Newell comes out shirtless and busts out some breakdance moves on a cardboard box.

Gears of War 3 trailer will follow. Microsoft wins E3 2010 out of sheer horrificness.

NateNater2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

That would definitely be the highlight of E3. Game Newell shirtless breakdancing lol

+ Bubbles for being funny :)

pimpmaster2960d ago

prolly something to do with dj hero , since dj hero 1 was him and jayz

FanboyAttack2960d ago

Maybe Borat will put his balls in his face

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Simon_Brezhnev2960d ago

i be he's there to promote some music game

FrankDaTank2960d ago

oh the usual. cuss, throw things, ask you to ask about his pen*s. oh and he might do some of that rapp-a-doodle-do stuff.

gynecologistcobra2960d ago

And then Sacha Baron Cohen will lower down from the ceiling to put his butt in his face.

OneSneakyMofo2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

Frank must be an ol' timer with the rap-a-doodle-doo hoo ha.

CrzyFooL2960d ago

Hes gonna hip-hop a hibbidy to the hibbidy hip hip hop.

FrankDaTank2960d ago

maybe he will scream at people for looking at him. i hear he does that.

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