Sony at E3 2010: Aces High?

Having revealed so many of their trump cards, far ahead of E3 2010, do Sony have anything left to reveal for their big E3 conference? Gamersmint sits down to talk about what Sony may bring to the table at this years E3.

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Karooo2958d ago

well done guys, yah sony is on fire atm

captain-obvious2957d ago

im sure Sony got some bombs to drop on E3
because they know that MS will be going all out and they don't want to look like they got a less of a show than them

Conloles2957d ago

Im sure theyll have one or two games left to reveal but thats it

lomion52957d ago

I would agree with you, however I cannot help but wonder how much bigger E3 would have been for Sony had all these announcements come during the expo. They must have something(s) big they wish to devote their time to. My guess is Move, but we'll see. I am very excited for the week.

Lifendz2957d ago

a part of me is a little nervous that the show might be devoted primarily to Move, but I can't see Sony doing that. I still think we hear Snake's voice at some point with Kojima coming on stage to announce MGS4.

acedoh2957d ago

are fooling themselves. It's smart of SONY to be letting the cat out on some of their biggest franchises... Doing that and some lower their expectations. Especially the media. So now they show off a couple of games that will completely excite the public. It will be interesting to see Microsofts show. They need to do something big. There's no doubt about that. And Natal needs to be more than amazing. Last years fake presentation needs to become real with the cherry on top otherwise no one will care. And of course if they release anything above $100 that will have the public laughing. Same goes for SONY. The Move can't be something expensive. The public wants something affordable.

gryfindor12957d ago

Just because Sony is getting all the buzz right now does not mean they will be still 'on fire' AFTER Microsoft and Nintendo are done with their conferences. Microsoft is being to secretive this time, and I cant imagine what games they could reveal...but the one which will steal the show, I think. a 15 minute demo of the new Zelda and everyone will forget any other announcement. The media will be raving Zelda. Dont disappoint us ONCE AGAIN Nintendo.

cyborg2957d ago

a 15 minute demo of *surprise surprise* The Getaway or Eight Days will basically cause internet meltdown. Dont count those two games out. BELIEVE!

Mr Patriot2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

I dont know why are u getting disagrees.... those games rock
and btw that was more of a chatroom than an article ....

SOAD2957d ago

Those games aren't as popular as Zelda.

CR-Y-SIS2957d ago

Yea, Nintendo is going to show another Mario or Zelda. Very innovative. /sarcasm
MS will show the red ball demo again.

coolasj2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Halo : Reach
Gears of War 3
[ EDIT:Fable 3 ]
and that 3rd one i cant remember right now?

Nintendo will do more casual stuff and pull PR stunts and blah. Your forgetting Metroid too.

I believe its impossible for Sony to just let all this stuff leak out.

D4RkNIKON2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Sony has already revealed more games than that and there will be more at E3. First party studios for the win

jesuisankit2957d ago

I believe nintendo will be abut the new 3ds, a few cool exclusives like Metroid other M, maybe the new Zelda .. thats abut it.. I am more curious to see what Microsoft has up its sleeves, I doubt it will beat the killer AAA titles lineup that Sony has now.

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zetsuei12957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

I havent seen Microsoft saying ANYTHING about hardcore games support since Natal was announced, not only that they doesnt nearly have a great first-party as Sony and Nintendo has.There is a lack of investment in that area that seriously bother anyone who have a minimum information about their own video-games.

Not only that after Gears 2 and Halo 3 there wasn't as much great exclusives as Nintendo and Sony did offer.And they don't seem to be interested in the hardcore market more than they are with the casual. They wanna steal NIntendo Wii audience so much that they did forget who putted them in their place.

To sum things up, sony is doing a onslaught before E3 and HELL THAT's IS WORKING.

And Yeah Sony cant match their marketing but one thing for sure did arise from this: Sony is doing the best MARRIAGE with their strategy. Hardcore games keep coming with casual support/move along of course, and with casual games for new comers casual gamer.

It's like having all 3 consoles combined: Great Exclusives, Great Exclusives, Great Exclusives, Great Exclusives did i say Great Exclusives yet?! With an AWESOME CASUAL and Hardcore support.

ATLGAMER2957d ago

We have seen nothing from Natal...What it may be able to do not enough...What it does do is where it lacks...If they show me something I will change my tune....

Inside_out2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Well...M$ hasn't even for games...c'mon now...Mass Effect 2, Metro 2033, Splintercell Cell Conviction, Alan Wake, Sniper: Ghost Warrior, Crackdown 2, Fable 3, something called Halo Reach PLUS Natal this holiday...What about the Multi-plats that always sell better on 360...Battlefield, RDR, Bioshock 2, Crysis, MOH, Brink, COD Black ops...M$ crying all the way to the bank...

Sony has had no choice but to attempt a preemptive strike against M$. M$ still has not released any information and has banned any developer from doing so. They have MTV, Spike TV and New York Times square showing their presentation. Each day this week will feature a game...Halo on Wed, Gears on Thurs...

Sony has done there best. Releasing as much news as possible this week. Was it enough? We will find out this week. M$ has yet to do or show anything...That all changes tommorow...


Same old sequels from Microsoft. Alan Wake is gimped. And Halo has already reached its limits with 3. Sales have been going down for the last two games. And multiplats sell better on the 360? They better since they have no studios to actually make their own games.

MysticStrummer2957d ago

So according to you Microsoft is going to spend a good portion of their E3 time talking about games that are already out. Interesting strategy. You listed sixteen games total. Seven are already out. Three of those seven are on the PS3. Of the remaining games, one I've never heard of, three I don't give a damn about, and five will be on the PS3 also. I guess the one I've never heard of might be going to PS3 also, but since I have never heard of it I can't say for sure. Sounds like an impressive show. They pretty much have to talk about Natal and show some actual gameplay instead of the trickery they tried to pull last year.

Gothdom2957d ago

Why the Hell do you think MS needs Le cirque du Soleil and some "celebs" on their NATAL conference? Because they still only have that red ball thing and another fake Milo. I just hope the media won't jizz themselves over it like they did last year.

2957d ago
Foxhound9222957d ago

17 disagrees...not bad lol but seriously dude if you think those exclusives stand a chance against the onslaught of PS3 exclusives then you are blind. Mass Effect 2, ill give you that, metro...are you kidding? SC wasn't that good and will be ported to PS3 eventually, Alan Wake was no where near as good as uncharted(havn't quite beaten alan wake). lol @ crackdown, Fable is decent. And the comment about selling more on the 360 was just funny. The year Microsoft wins an E3 is the day hell freezes over....just give it up

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rob60212957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Apparently MS will have a whole ton of Natal games to show, whether they're full games or budget, probably budget. I don't think anyone really sees how Natal would work better than a controller for precision/competitive gaming.
For Hardcore games

MS Exclusives seem to be:
Crackdown 2
Fable 3
Halo Reach
Gears 3
possibly LeftForDead 3.
(Lets not kid: Sniper: Ghost Warrior is a budget 3rd party title - it won't be at MS's conference)

Sony seems to have ready to show:
Socom 4
Little Big Planet 2
Killzone 3
Infamous 2
Motorstorm 3
Gran Turismo 5
The Last Guardian
Final Fantasy XIV
The Agency
possibly Ape Escape
possibly Resistance 3
possibly Final Fantasy XIII Vs.
possibly 'starhawk'
possibly David Jaffe's next game

zetsuei12957d ago

It will be move's line-up. And honestly i'm dieing for that game. They have been doing it since a long time ago, since Move was announced cuz its the perfect game for calling hardcore gamers to enjoy the experience that move is capable of giving. and that sure will make the game look great @[email protected]

Cloudberry2957d ago

Also, please don't forget about YAKUZA 4.

An exclusive PS3 game in spring 2011.

Which also would be playable in E3 2010.

cyborg2957d ago

Im hoping against hope that Microsoft will surprise us. Sony and Nintendo are already giving us some great games this year. Apart from Halo Reach and Fable 3(which I cannot bring myself to care about), the exclusive department is dry for Microsoft. And Natal is not for us hardcore gamers...maybe a neat little UI device but it will fail as a gaming device. Where are the GAMES Microsoft?

Shadow Flare2957d ago, there were quite a few points I disagree with them on. All of them thought that LBP2 won't be that good. Uh, seriously? Its the only game of its kind on consoles and the things you could do in the first game were amazing. And lbp2 will let you span genres and create over head view games. It looks amazing. And you guys banged on about eyepet, but I think you guys are just bashing it for the sake of it. I've got the game and thought it was great. I found the tech behind it really interesting too. I think if this article proved anything, its that different people like different games. So just bear that in mind. I also don't agree that resistance 2 was rubbish, but I do think the first was better and the second sort of put me off the series a bit. I just really hate nathan hale

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