Zelda Wii Needs an Anti-Hero

Many of us who were children when Ocarina of Time the Great came out are, sadly, either in college or finishing college and jumping into the working world. I am no exception, and as such I just completed my student teaching internship, where I taught a four-week unit on Good vs. Evil. I have spent the last week putting all of my materials together in a portfolio for the exit interview, and while I was looking over my material I starting thinking about our favorite Hero and the Zelda series itself.

In the first week of my unit I taught the 9th grade high school class about Idealistic Good and Evil, the ideas of “pure good” and “pure evil” and why they are not realistic, and how all of that relates to the Heroic Archetype. The second week was spent debunking the idea of pure good and evil, and introducing what is called an “Anti-Hero”.

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Gandalf2901d ago

So pretty much a Wario version of Link.

TheGameFoxJTV2901d ago

You majorly oversimplified that. Did you even read the full thing, or did you do the "Too long" thing?

juniordee2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Very well written and makes complete sense. However, I'm used to Link being the ideal hero, so it would be weird for me to play a character with a personality. I like Link the way he is.

qface642901d ago

meh anti heroes are being done too much this gen we don't really need another one

Fierce Musashi2901d ago

I'm sure Zelda wasn't meant to be realistic. Can we cut down on realism talk at least this once?

Redempteur2900d ago

i'm 2000% agreeing with this comment ...

EvilTwin2900d ago

Umm...Midna WAS a bit of an anti-hero. She manipulated Link up until the very end (using him to get to Ganon and Zant), and really didn't see any error in her dismissive, sarcastic, manipulative ways until her fate became entwined with the light world's after the Lakebed Temple.

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The story is too old to be commented.