Hideo Kojima Heads to E3 in Style

Andriasang: Twitter can clue us in to which Japanese developers are going to E3, and how they're getting there.

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math2961d ago

It's probably sponsored by Microsoft for MGS exclusivity

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Did I miss something?

''It's probably sponsored by Microsoft for MGS exclusivity ''

I assume I didn't saw that article in N4G, where is that article????

captain-obvious2961d ago

I have a feeling that this time around its going to be ZOE
and its going to be a multiplat

Transporter472961d ago

nah, very doubtful, why because even on the E3 last year he said no it wasn't exclusive and there is no Snake lol

MajestieBeast2961d ago

Lol it wont sell seeing as it isnt a fps.

Inside_out2961d ago

Hideo is gonna be a busy guy with MGS5 and the M$ Natal game he's working on...

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Lucreto2961d ago

He is going to need that jet as he is in London on Friday to sign peace walker games.

I look forward to find out what the teaser is but we have to wait until Tuesday to find out.

Blaze9292961d ago

Well, there on someone's budget. With his recent meeting and demonstration with Microsoft - I would say Microsoft's.

Lucreto2961d ago

I would say Sony as it looks like he will announce another game on Sonys E3.

GotAmmo2961d ago

because the last thing I need is to see ZOE3 go multiplat

Megaton2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Gonna get my copy of MGS3:Subsistence signed by him tomorrow at a Peace Walker signing at Universal. Waking up at the ass crack of dawn for that.

MajestieBeast2961d ago

Hehe got my copy of mgs1 signed in 2008 in amsterdam.

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The story is too old to be commented.