Sony Launching a Paid Subscription Version of PSN

Sony will be switching to a paid subscription service version for PSN, similar to Xbox Live. This comes from confirmation from 3rd party developers and a Sony exec.

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HolyOrangeCows2927d ago

No source.

And Sony execs have already said that all currently free features would remain free if they added premium service. Similar to Xbox Live my backside.


Yeap, PSN Plus is adding new services, and not taking away from the free PSN.

jadenkorri2927d ago

yes, had everyone said no to MS's gold membership for online play, this wouldn't be happening. I suspect, free online won't change for now, but Sony will eventually go, just like the removal o/s feature, start charging for online. There premium service won't do well unless you force people to pay for it or give them a reason to buy it.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Sony start the Free Online Gaming in their systems, they will keep the same service.

Sony is not MS.

The OS Feature is another story, that was taken away from the PS3 to avoid the Piracy like Xbox 360 have a lot of Piracy since a couple of days released in 2005.

HolyOrangeCows2926d ago

Well, an article full of blatant lies is about to reach 1000 degrees.

N4G's reputation will be ruined......oh wait, this happens all of the time.

simplyRealistic182926d ago

are you seriously Bi***ing for something tat optional, you still get free online so whats the problem?

simplyRealistic182926d ago

are you seriously Bi***ing for something tat optional, you still get free online so whats the problem?

Sitdown2926d ago

Just because you justified why the OS feaure was taken out, it still does not discount the fact that Sony did not keep the same system that it started with in its system. And explain what you mean by Sony is not mean, like Sony did not stop shipping systems that were fully backwards compatible, or with less usb ports, or missing memory card slots?....come on now, I enjoy my ps3, but I will not pretend like the Sony company does not have its fault/flaws. Does the DRM debacle and faulty laptop batteries not fall under Sony as well? Don't forget, at the end of the day...Sony is a company just like Microsoft...and they are about bringing in revenue.

DMason2926d ago

The problem with your statement is that it actually made sense. That's not allowed here on N4G. You need to tone down your rational thinking, and tone up your fanboy way of thinking in order to make sense around here.

reckoner2926d ago

Hahaha. That was the funniest (and sadly truest) thing I have seen on this site in ages. Bubbles!

jadenkorri2926d ago

total disagreement... i wish people would read first on what i actually said, i stated it will remain free for now. I personally hope it stays free, as i have not payed for xbox live membership willingly.

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Blacktric2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Even if it's not true, I'm %100 percent sure that they'll expand the PSN service to other countries. Like 2 days ago, PS3 users with PSN accounts using Turkey as a chosen country got into the PS Store. It was empty but when they tried to redeem a code they saw local currency at the top and they even took a picture of it. So most likely Sony is going to bring PS Store and other services to unsupported countries while Microsoft sitting there and scratching their balls.

Jazz41082926d ago

At least they have balls to scratch

Blacktric2926d ago

And unfortunately you don't have a brain to think first.

Parapraxis2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Good work by the submitter ( staff member) to make the article caption draw hits eh.
You FAIL IrieMars.


For those who don't want to give the site hits, here's what he did.
He COMPLETELY pasted two different bits together and left out other critical portions.
The two butchered paragraphs are as follows:

"Here's one rumor that has been around the net: <<<<Sony will be switching to a paid subscription service version for PSN, similar to Xbox Live.>>> While I can't confirm when this service will be announced, I can confirm that it is indeed launching."


"<<<<This comes from confirmation from a 3rd party developer and a Sony exec.>>> However, there are no other specific details at this point for the service, which a number of sites so far have called PSN . We don't have confirmation yet if the service will provide some straight online access just to play games online, but it will be bundled what a number of extras to justify the price structure."


Can we ban this fool who is obviously lying for hits?

SilverSlug2927d ago

but I agree with everything else.

(He didn't write the article though).

Parapraxis2927d ago

I see.
Thanks for the heads up, wish I was a moderator.
This article not only is for the sole purpose of generating hits, the rumours/news are months old.

john master lee2927d ago

Hey, why you giving credit to someone else when I wrote the story?

If you are going to call someone a liar, at least give me credit for that!

Though, technically I'm not lying. I'm just posting what was mentioned by people privy to the project.

BYE2927d ago

They already offer a subscription based service with Qore so nothing new...

pangitkqb2927d ago

I won't do it. Honestly. If PC can provide online for free, so can the consoles.

Proxy2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

You have to put up with lower game prices and dedicated servers on PC, and I'm not even going to mention game mods.

Bolts2926d ago

How is that a bad thing, everything you mentioned is a pro not a con.

gamesmaster2926d ago

Fanboi missed the sarcasm train..

shoddy2927d ago

Communicate and play online.
Music and movies I can get it on pc for free.
I'm not a big fan of games demo.

You already can chat with ur team mate so xchat only interfer with gameplay.

vhero2927d ago

.........Ehem.... This is a new rumour??

DMason2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

The fire is spreading

FACTUAL evidence2926d ago

I would love is for Sony to let us be able to change our fu-cking PSN ID for 5$, any user could do it, not just premium.

Raz2926d ago

• Upgrade Home to a fully blown virtual world game, like The Sims and offer it as part of the package.
- I'm not opposed to this, but if they haven't done something with it by now, what are the odds they ever will?

• Offer Qore for free as part of the service.
- Yawn.

• Offer a collection of past PS 1, PS2 games for free as part of the service.
- <falls asleep>

• Trophies/achievements that could be exchanged for real goods.
- This shouldn't be a premium option. It should apply to everyone with Trophies.

• Free access to online movies, shows, music, provided by Sony (and some other parties.)
- What about Canadian users? We still can't *buy* media in the store, let alone get it for free.

• Premium members can download games and files in a priority queue before everyone else, even days before full game release in retail.
- I don't have a need to pre-order online content. Some people might wanna. I don't know.

Altogether, sounds like a pretty poor package for my $.

solar2926d ago

what it comes down to is: paying for internets + paying for more service ontop of that. imo, it's a shame. i would never pay for more internets when im already paying for internets. MS and Sony is playing consumers for idiots. and that's not even console wars biased. between paid DLC and now premium net service you guys should be absolutely irate.

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jack_burt0n2927d ago

"Especially in the online area, we are studying the possibility of introducing a subscription model, offering premium content and services, in addition to the current free services."
Kaz Hirai.

sikbeta2927d ago

True, so:

PSN = FREE as usual

PSN+ = Same Features as PSN and [MORE]

almehdaaol2927d ago

Wonder really how all of these features will come together, and making use of Sony's power. How about 3D menus Sony?

Tony-A2927d ago

I wonder if PSN+ will usher in a new era of PSN integration.