Konami unveil three of their E3 titles

GamerZines writes:

With Konami providing both coverage and exclusive content via their official website for the titles that they are set to present at this week's E3 event, the acclaimed developer had previously teased a selection of six mystery titles that they were to unveil to the world during their conference.

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zetsuei12838d ago

Is only for XBOX arcade?! T_T

dirthurts2838d ago

For a full release probably.

King Hippo2838d ago

It's timed exclusive because the 360 doesn't have anything else.

nygamer282838d ago

danm king hippo you always have negative comments about MS,did they screw your mom or something?

Wolfie2838d ago

I hope the mystery game is Silent Hill

Ri0tSquad2838d ago

I hope it happens.

"Alongside this, we can presume that they will also be showing both Castlevania: Lord of Shadows and Metal Gear Solid: Rising, leaving just a single title as a mystery."

spooky2052838d ago

............CONTRA 5 the alien wars!!!! Before there were a huge oversaturation of crappy fps games passed off as the second coming there was and still is series of games that destroyed everyones minds on how awesome shooting aliens in the face was. Thats was contra 1-4. Granted their transition into 3d was average but i still clutch straws mighty hard that one day konami will make another contra game on consoles as epic as contra 3.

BYE2838d ago

I'm still hoping for a new, full blown Metal Gear Solid title.

A new Silent Hill would be nice too, if made by the original japanese team.

George Sears2838d ago

Get Peace Walker. The game could be called MGS5 and it would had been understandable as to why. (although it was going to at some point)

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