Get Starcraft working in Windows 7

Admittedly, Starcraft is an eleven-year-old game, but it's still good, and people still want to play it on Windows 7. Unfortunately, there are a lot of glitches. Here are three easy steps to get it working 100% perfectly on Windows 7

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Darkstorn2841d ago

This is an important article, if only because Starcraft II is releasing next month.

Conloles2841d ago

Lolwut runs fine for me just run it in compatability mode

Obama2841d ago

I can't wait for starcraft 2, but there's no point in playing sc1 over again imo.

dgroundwater2841d ago

I'm conservative and I still thought an Obama impersonator could do way better than this. Trolling an article for a fantastic RTS is just fail.

As I understand it compatibility mode has worked for all my friends. Is this even a problem?

dkblackhawk502841d ago

Have had no problems on 32 bit and 64 bit windows 7. Changed nothing at all...

Cheeseknight282841d ago

I'm gonna try my hardest to go through both sets of Campaigns before I get SC2. I need to recall every story detail.

ApexHell2841d ago

chaos launcher solves all problems :P

Montrealien2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

I am a little confused, I downloaded my Starcraft on Windows 7 a few weeks back directly from my bnet account, and I have had zero problems.

is this a cracked version issue? because I can confirm it works just fine with the downloaded version directly from bnet on windows 7.

poopface12841d ago

I guess this if for the CD version from back in the day?

This article makes me want to find my brrod war cd and play some starcraft. Or some freaken diablo 2

dkblackhawk502841d ago

We all make mistakes :P and I think this was for the CD version becacause the downloaded one has no problems for me.

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