Halo Mega Blocks Toys Look Pretty Sweet

I’ve always been more of a Lego man but these new Halo MEGA bloks play sets look ridiculously awesome.

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captain-obvious2961d ago

this is what i call millking

Inside_out2960d ago

My son loves Halo lego kits and owns most if not all. They are really well done. If anything I wish they had MORE...

Halo should be a yearly release just like COD. You get 2 good developers and let them have at it...I think the grunts deserve their own game, same for the Elites and the Flood...

pat_11_52961d ago

I'd agree, I still think cool they are pretty cool. You probably can't tell from the pictures but there is a reasonably high level of detail on all the toys.

poopface12961d ago

LEGOs are way better.

when I was little I used to LOVE legos.

SixZeroFour2961d ago

agreed, legos are far more sophisticated than mega bloks

NecrumSlavery2960d ago

I read somewhere last year that there would be a Mega Blocks Halo game similiar in style to the Lego games. LEGO said they won't make M-Rated games so this seems to sound like they would do it this way. Just spectulation, however.

Personally I'd check out a Lego Halo.
Also would like to see a
Lego GTA
Lego God of War

castdreams2961d ago

So what now, are they going to make a Mega Bloks Halo game? That would be lulzy

pat_11_52961d ago

That would be pretty hilarious. I've always been a Lego man my self thats why I was so surprised when I saw these.

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