Crysis 2 going really “large”

We have had sneak previews, trailers at the streets of New York. And now, we have a giant poster on the front of E3 Convention Center. It looks like Crytek is really pushing Crysis 2 to its limits. Also with the latest news regarding Crysis 2 Beta, all eyes are currently on Crysis 2.

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Quagmire2807d ago ShowReplies(2)
NumeroUno2807d ago

Crysis will have a large shadow cast over it by Halo: Reach.

madpuppy2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Seeing that Reach will Not be Half as good as Crysis.

but, that is the way 14 year olds are, they love MacDonalds and could care less about a Porter House steak at a 5 star restaurant.

SOAD2807d ago

"Seeing that Reach will Not be Half as good as Crysis."

You mean the same Crysis 2 that looks like a generic shooter ever since it was bogged down by the limitations of consoles?

At least Halo Reach has an art style.

Blaze9292807d ago

oh so you've played Crysis 2 and Reach already? Oh please, do tell.

madpuppy2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

And Bungie said the same lame a$$ things about each, "genre defining graphics/gameplay/scope, the likes that nobody has seen in consoles before. (snicker)

"At least Halo Reach has an art style." Sure, "ART STYLE" is what developers of Wii games use to cover up the limitations of the Wii hardware. In this case, it is to hide the fact that the Halo 3 engine is getting a little long in the tooth.

At least Crytec has actually delivered on genre defining graphics/gameplay/ scope. I'll stick with the favorite in this race when it comes to what matters. after all I am not a Microsoft bean counter.

SOAD2806d ago

Oh, so this is about graphics, again. Yeah, Crysis is the best looking game out there. But as far as story and gameplay it's a generic rehash.

Halo 2 had some of the best visuals on console's last generation so Bungie had a right to make that claim last time. As for Halo 3, I never heard of Bungie making those kinds of claims.

Crytek fucked up big time by trying to bring their game to consoles. Their PC fans will not appreciate the linearity and the dull cityscape environments.

Crysis 2 is a major step down from Crysis 1 whereas as Halo Reach is a major step up from previous Halo games. I'd rather support a game that brings improvements than a crappy sequel to a phenomenal-looking PC title.

madpuppy2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

there was a "making of" dvd full of Bungie developers patting themselves on the back about how "genre defining" Halo 3 will be.
yeah, I bought the legendary edition (got it for 40.00).

Also, what is wrong with liking well done graphics, contrary to the belief of Wii fanboys and people defending a game that doesn't look as good as another. quality graphics to add greatly to the experience and enjoyment of a game.

SOAD2806d ago

Bungie was patting themselves on the back for releasing a very content-heavy game. If you're offended by their arrogance then why don't you read some of the shit that Crytek says about their game?

Developers talk big about their projects. Naughty Dog did it with Uncharted 2. Infinity Ward did it with Cod4. Turn 10 did it with Forza 3 and 4A did it with Metro 2033.

In my opinion Bungie made a great game with Halo 3 and I think they deserve to congratulate themselves. Indeed, I think they did redefine what kind of content goes into their genre of games at least for consoles because a map editor and photo editor was a feature that was missing from console games until Halo 3 was released. Afterwards many console shooters incorporated map editors, photo capture, and video makers into their games. The genre on consoles was redefined and I believe Bungie led the way.

Crytek has been talking a lot of shit about how much power they are pushing and how their game will topple anything else on consoles and so far their game doesn't even impress me at all.

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shoddy2807d ago

But good for sales.
We gotta walk the walk.

NYPunk882807d ago

Crysis 2 will give Halo the old Reach Around.

Xfanboy2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

I have to admit as much as Halo sells & now it's the last one?? so I can't imagine the numbers it will do!!!

On topic: PC version please Crytek!!!

Wow!! Crysis 2 took up almost the whole front building lmao!! I hope people will realize other games will be their!!! Everybody talking Sony & MS when EA is trying to shut E3 down lol!! Iphone 4 games FTW!!!!

cereal_killa2807d ago

M$ will never let Halo die thats there bread and butter if you said it was Bungies last one I would agree, even if 343 studios destroys the next Halo M$ will just find someone else to do it until they can get it right.

DeltaZ3R052807d ago

its says Text sosny , just take out the (S) Bam! Sony! =P

Nihilism2807d ago

* very...very slow clapping *

Sunny_D2807d ago

LMAO. That's mean.

*Joins clapping very slowly*

KillerPwned2807d ago

Hmmmmmm crysis 2 is so beautiful its like a vagina

madpuppy2807d ago

It looks like a sad old man. Crysis 2 looks like a sad old man!?!?

KillerPwned2807d ago

Hahahah that`s so true to

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