E3 2010 first photos

E3 2010 is about to begin and we are ready to cover the event starting next week. Until then, here are some first photos of Convention Center where the show will take place.

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Dom63902904d ago

has anyone text SOSNY to 66937 i wana know what it is but it could be a expensive text lol

djsean2904d ago

You have me very curious and I dunno if i should do it :D

Dom63902904d ago

do it LOL i wana know how much could it cost realistically ? i cant text it under my contract it wont let me :(

Conloles2903d ago

Its just a Sony donation service they took $5 from me, god knows they need it.

Dom63902903d ago

why would it be Sony? they don't make Crysis

djsean2904d ago

Well I just sent the text. No reply yet :(

What a rip off!


Dom63902903d ago

argh shucks maybe it only works during E3? aha how much it cos you ?

LordMarius2903d ago

I texted, it says
Mozes: Sorry, this campaign is currently not active.
- via Mozes

LeonSKennedy4Life2903d ago

*sigh* I'd give anything to be there... :(

Also...yes, the texting doesn't begin until E3 starts. It hasn't been activated yet.

This will be the E3 to remember.

Liquid_Ocelot2903d ago

Like LeonSKennedy4Life said: "I'd give [almost;D] anything to be there... :("

Peugeot 908 HDi FAP @ LeMans, woo!!
Ps: there's a bunch of PlayStation®3 and Gran Turismo®5 ads!!!!!!!!!


That Mickey Mouse game could be interesting, seeing how much Disney are getting into the Gaming Market now