Game UK reveals Natal release date timer

Game UK website showcased a countdown timer, which at 12:00 GMT reset to 19 hours which when expires will reveal the final release date for Natal.

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kfloydchicken2934d ago

MS has hyped NATAL and then leaked an exorbitant price.
So that when they release the real price it deserves (probably 50-70)...
... people will think its a steal!!
MS thinks we're this stupid ...
... Well, I'm not biting.

niceguywii602934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

There are more but who has time. I guessing this is your way of admitting you no longer support the rumor PS3 fanboys have been pushing as fact but you still need to attack Microsoft, the 360 and 360 fans or potential 360 owners.

I think PS3 fanboys are worrying themselves sick. Are you suppose to be forming a new talking point for PS3 fanboys because you no longer think Natal's price will be high? Seems like weak pre-damage control

You have proof Microsoft leaked fake price points?


Yes it's not hard when the same people are seen in every Natal article and or 360 article. LOL

I thought I would back up my calling his trolling out sense PS3 fanboys seem to be denying it with attacks from packs of rabids defending the trolls in other Natal articles.


The perpetrators bother me not so much the self admitted fanatics. 360 fans will not be able to enjoy the 360 side of E3 here on N4G in the comment section.

adamx2934d ago

you really went and looked up all his post? Sad.

crapgamer2934d ago

The PS3 fanboys are always the first to post in Natal related articles trying to bring it down. Like I've always said, I don't let that bother me, I get a kick out of people getting upset over who's console sells better. I plan on getting 2 Natal's for my house, no matter the price point. It looks interesting and is new tech, why not give it a try? If they have a slim 360 I'll buy that too, I really think MS is doing a great job leading up to E3. They are getting all the hype and haven't shown anything really, so much so that Sony was forced to "Leak" some of their games early in order to not be totally overshadowed by Microsoft leading to E3.

Triella2934d ago

Depth sensing camera based on IR are expensive piece of hardware period.

Just look at IR cam used for suveillance purpose they range from 100$ to 450$ and they're only simple thermal cam, with no incorporated mic nor a secondary camera.

And MS has to add to that the licencing price for the gesture recognition software and the gesture control interface for NXE made by Gesturetek.

Believe me, if MS prices Natal below 100$ then it will mean they're loosing quite a bunch of money on each hardware sold.

bunt-custardly2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

oh boy, thats the slim chance Natal had to succeed down the pan!

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blumatt2934d ago

Maybe it's because he's probably right. I can see MS doing something like that. Throwing around high prices so when they release it at a reasonable price everyone thinks it's the best price ever. I'm not saying that's a bad idea for them. It's great marketing, but I still don't think Natal is going to be as great as some people like to think.

Cure2934d ago

would be surprised how many stupid people are out there.

Eamon2934d ago

If Natal is over £70, then I won't even think of getting it.

And I will only get it if it proves to us that it's not a gimmick.

I want real integration in mainstream games not minigames like Ricochet that would interest you for 5 minutes and then you forget about it.

I'm hoping we can see some sort of Milo and Kate stuff in Fable III.

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Ivan Drago IV2934d ago

a PS3/360 and i have absoulutly 0 interest in Natal. I do however have great interest in Move. Not because im a sony fanboy (which i am) but because move looks a lot more practical and fun. It looks like its going to be a blast to play mini games and sports game and im dying to play Socom 4 on it.

Natal looks pointless to me. I will literally be at gamestop the day during E3 when Sony announces move is avaliable for pre order and i will pre order a move package with a game, controller and eye toy day 1

hoops2934d ago

So a admitted Sony fanboy stating he has no interest in a MS product? LOL
Why do I get this feeling that if MOVE was on the Xbox360 and Natal on the PS3, you would be saying the opposite...LOL

Dusdg2934d ago

Why did you go into this article??????

Hallmark Moment2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

He's been trolling so hard in Natal and 360 related news he even gets his comments reported as trolling in 360 articles filled with PS3 fanboys. Just a heads up. Read some of his comments in the PS3 zone and they are just as pro Sony as any PS3 fanboy on this site. Don't be fooled by these guys coming out of the woodwork claiming not to be bias even going as far as putting 360 gamertags on their N4G accounts(or making a new account like #1 just to bash Natal and supporters)

You guys seem to show great interest and I'll even go as far to say you care more about the Microsoft showing then you do Sony's. PS3 E3 news articles mostly empty without a 360 fanboy to be seen in them yet the 360 E3 articles are filled with PS3 fanboys and the few 360 fans that dare comment in them. LOL I got 10 replies and 30 disagrees in an earlier Natal article for offending a PS3 fanboy so I'm digging #1.1 idea.

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