Game Journalists Shouldn’t Be Public-Relations Shills

Games journalism is more than reporting what the suits say in a news conference. But all too often, the press fails to seek out the truth.

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ZombieAutopsy2872d ago

I'd have to agree with this article. Most video game journalism is just rehashed news we've already heard about with no new facts and usually not even correct facts to start with. Then again most journalism is like that so i suppose it isn't fair to say its just video game journalism.

Darkstorn2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

To an extent, however web shows like G4TV's 'Feedback' take the news and actually analyze it in a way that is accessible to the core gamer. I suppose it depends on the journalist in particular.

hardcorez2872d ago

Best wishes getting to 50 degrees on this one.

FanboyAttack2871d ago

Ahh well what do you suggest gaming websites advertise then? Perhaps home and garden furnishings? Or possibly tools? This will never change, the only way to have a successful gaming website is to throw around decent review scores. If not, you will never have access to game materials, review materials, interviews, and most importantly advertising.

patterson2871d ago

He brings up a good point. Game journalist seldom do any fact checking anymore. So often now they'll simply copy and paste a tweet or manipulate a quote to create a buzz and BAM, quick and dirty web hits.

NumeroUno2871d ago

I'm surprised this article got approved on N4G. I hardly see news or ideas out of the box on the site anymore.

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