Bungie: Halo: Reach Is Going To Blow People’s Minds At E3

You’ve played the multiplayer beta and E3 will bring you the first look at the single player campaign. Bungie’s Sandbox Designer, Josh Hamrick, informs that Bungie is ready to blow people’s mind with their Halo: Reach presentation on monday’s conference. The Halo series is known for having truly fantastic campaign experiences, and it looks like Halo:Reach won’t be the exception.

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qface642867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

i doubt it considering they have pretty much shown so much of the game
they even had a beta of the game already

not much left to be blown away by if you ask me

then again there is that phrase again
"blow peoples minds"
i kid you not everyone says this sooo much this generation that phrase has lost all meaning to me

GreenRingOfLife2867d ago

I mean the Beta totally BLEW ME AWAY.. I have never seen such good graphics on a console (and I own both 360 and ps3)

2867d ago
NastyLeftHook2867d ago

i remember about a week ago you flooded my inbox with stuff like..."ps3 sucks hahaha!" "go green!" do not fkn own a ps3, stop putting on a front.

omi25p2867d ago Show
mrv3212867d ago

What's your PSN, we could play IN IMAGINARY LAND.

Blaze9292867d ago

honestly, ever since the beta ended I actually forgot all about this game.

Dude4202867d ago

I don't know what you're trying to get at here, I forgot about other games after playing their betas (like BFBC2, COD4 etc...) and that's probably because we have other games to look forward too.

Boody-Bandit2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

and you never responded.
You are just a person that trolls the net seeking attention. You live on this site and possibly others like it with dozens of accounts. There is no way you have enough time left in the day to game for as much as you troll.

Prove me wrong What's your GT information? I honestly wont publically post it if you provide it but I will come on here and say GROL actually isn't full of sh!t and admit I was wrong.

On Topic:
This article was probably taken out of context because Bungie doesn't strike me as one of the usual boasting developers in gaming today. I don't think they are pounding their chest over Reach. If anything they are probably more excited about their next venture and stepping away from Halo.

The Reach beta felt more like Halo Combat Evolved than Halo 3, which is a good thing, but there was nothing mind blowing about it. It plays well but it is a mild upgrade in graphics to 3 with classes to choose from, nothing more.

I think games that might blow peoples minds is Rage, Killzone 3, Castlevannia, Agent (if it's shown), maybe some new Last Guardian footage, GT5, etc, but it wont be Halo Reach. Halo Reach is a monster title when it comes to popularity and sales but it's blowing people minds days ended last generation.

Gears of War 3 stands a much better chance of impressing 360 fans than Reach does.

Nac2867d ago

I love me some Halo, and liked the Reach beat alot, but best graphics on a console? No sir. Best Halo graphics perhaps. In reagrds to best looking console game it looks like Crysis 2 may take that crown.

rezzah2867d ago

LOL, who are you trying to convince?

bakasora2867d ago

It might blow the kids mind, older us have seen it all.
And the halo armor look like some kind of plastic armor, maybe because its too colorful.

NYPunk882867d ago Show
harv7112867d ago

OK let me put out these disclaimers,
1. I don't own an Xbox
2. I love my PS3 and I am almost level 13 in trophies as proof.
3. I think that GreenRing is a troll and deserves some grief from the community for his obvious trolling.

OK, now with that out of the way, what on Earth are you talking about? I mean if reading a comment on these forums makes your dick go limp, then I can only assume that normally you have a hard on while your reading these forums, and that is quite disturbing to me. Did you even think about what you typed in before you hit the add reply button?

anticooper2867d ago

you are always full of fanboy bs!

ShadowCK2867d ago

ITT: PS3 Fanboys butthurt because they know they will never play this masterpiece.

Halo Reach has stunning graphics. To argue that is plain ignorant.

Nac2861d ago

Looks like Rage is going to be the best looking console game.

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Mista T2867d ago

I was disappointed by the beta honestly. too much of a lack of balance and it reminded me too much of mw2.

SixZeroFour2867d ago

lack of balance? so what was your winning combo then?

halojunkie2867d ago

im so sad i just want to cry...

peowpeow2867d ago

Besides bugs, isn't that why they release a beta in the first place? =/

aviator1892867d ago

that's why they call it a BETA...
If you've heard any of their podcasts or read any of their post-beta weekly updates, you'll know that they've already fixed and balanced numerous problems from the beta. It's a beta, so of course they're going to be some balancing issues pretty much in a grand scale.

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SixZeroFour2867d ago

i wanna see campaign in action, and ill be a happy man

and you are right about the term "blow ppls minds", its just like the term "epic" and the like, ppl over used the term that it isnt what it originally meant...just like the rating system 10/10 mean what 8-9/10 used to mean...and now ppl are constantly using it that they will have to start resorting to 10+/10 soon (see hiphopgamer for example) which is total ridiculous because there should never be something over 10/10

Inside_out2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

Well I'm looking forward to is always amazing but I think Reach will be the best Halo EVER...Nobody needs to be offended...The trailer is around the corner and the game will be released in 14 wks...Can't wait...

Munky2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

They have shown nothing from the campaign, and the beta only had a fraction of the content the full game will have. So if anything they have shown very little of what the final game will be like.

SixZeroFour2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

actually its a good thing he thinks they showed so much of the game, when in fact it was really a small portion...makes you realize how big the game will be...anyone who follows bungie weekly updates know what im talking about :)

EDIT typo

Eamon2867d ago

lol the "Blow you away" or "Blow people's minds" has been overused so much to the point that even HHG uses it to hype shit up.

Arnon2867d ago

I guess you didn't read the article stating that after the beta, the game had basically a complete overhaul in gameplay mechanics and graphics.

Cold 20002867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

The single player blowout is def going to blow us away. Just wait and see.

ActionBastard2867d ago

Your true Halo fan with probably be blown away. Your typical 360 fanboy loves anything "exclusive" and will claim to be blown away, even when they are not. PS3 fanboys will hate on it or compare it to KZ3 with absolutely no reason to do so. PS3 and 360 owners (like myself) will probably rent it as Sony has all my money on lock this year, as last.

And yes, "blown away" has lost all meaning this gen. As has the 10/10 review score.

Kroganwrex2867d ago

Yeeah. Not true at all mate. I own both consoles too and Sony certainly hasnt got a grasp on my money...

In fact there are more games on the 360 I have bought this year so far including multiplats. The ps3 is awesome, but there is so much choice on the xbox now too, no 1 console can have a "lock" on my money.

ActionBastard2867d ago

Bygones? I haven't bought a single 360 game this year and the last one I played to completion was Splinter Cell. Just play my PS3 more.

candystop2867d ago

Why on Gods green earth you would play your PS3 more beats the hell out of me but then again you obviously have different tastes which is fine.

Munky2867d ago

If you didn't buy Mass Effect 2, then I really hope you rented the game.

palaeomerus2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

Yeah I've been spending most of my money on multiplat games too this year (like last year and the year before that). So far, Darksiders, Bayonetta, Mass Effect 2, Bioshock 2, Dragon Age:Awakening, Final Fantasy XIII, God of War III, Borderlands Add On Pack, Super Mario Galaxy 2 all made the cut.

Upcoming probable purchases for this year include: Transformers: War for Cybertron, Crackdown 2, Halo:Reach, and Fallout: New Vegas,

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poopface12867d ago

Look at all the trolls in here. I think we are gonna need a bigger bridge.

menoyou2867d ago

Didn't Geoff Keighley say Halo:Reach trailer would blow us away last year and everyone kinda just yawned? Sounds like more Microsoft hype. They pretend Halo is awesome because of the sales when in fact they simply spend more than the game development itself to advertise it. Massive fail.

TROLL EATER2867d ago

this will propably have the most content ever for any FPS game. cant wait for the E3 bombshell

candystop2867d ago

SO Sony shows everything before E3 to avoid going head to head with MS and you guys are trolling about Reach sucking. We have yet to see the single player yet so why don't you haters sit back and wait for the show Monday.

Immortal3212867d ago

halo isn't as linear as most shooter games.

I don't even play shooters but, that wouldn't stop any of you guys from watching a review from a guy who prolly don't play games.

TheXgamerLive2867d ago

because you know sooooo much better than BUNGIE huh? ha ha ha ha ha ha you idiot. i so glad we have you around for a walking talking joke.

Elimin82867d ago

Enough, Make some new IP's.

Tiberium2867d ago

"i doubt it considering they have pretty much shown so much of the game
they even had a beta of the game already"

I'm sorry qface64 you're wrong. They've shown a lot of the multiplayer. But we've barely seen any of the campaign. Also there is forge, firefight, theater, etc. They have a lot of stuff to show off.

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hardcorez2867d ago

qface64 is the new alaa on this post, convenient?

ZombieAutopsy2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

Just show me the campaign and i'll be set.

Cure2867d ago

then clearly you dont own a PS3 - not bashing Halo

but to say you havent seen better graphics and your a PS3 is bullsh/t

LordMarius2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

hook, line, and sinker

don't feed the troll
although the reactions from you all is pretty funny

emk20042867d ago

but i doubt it, my mind has only been blown by deadspace so far this gen, turn off the lights and turn the volume up with surround sound at night, freaking amazing.