Rumor: Level-5 to fully unveil Time Travelers at E3

Rumor has it that Level-5 may fully unveil their latest game at E3, Time Travelers, which may be coming to the 3DS.

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Valay2814d ago

It'd be awesome if this turned out to be a launch game (or near launch) for the 3DS. They're a very competent developer.

SpoonyRedMage2814d ago

I think it will be for 3DS but it could be for PSP2 or something other mystery hardware.

Valay2814d ago

Yeah, that's definitely a possibility. The thing is, we know 100% that Nintendo will show the 3DS off for the first time as well as the initial batch of games. Level-5 has only released two titles for the PSP so far and Nintendo has fairly strong ties to Level-5, which makes it seem more likely that a 3DS announcement is coming. But again, I'm not ruling anything out.

Sitris2814d ago

Ok i will calm now haha but seriously i will pay 600 USD to get this game, no joke. Well i actually did but thats not the point, give me DARK CLOUD 3!!!11!!!

If you can't tell, i am very anticipated....... :D

Ziriux2814d ago

I can see it happening. wow i just time traveled.

Stealth20k2814d ago

Its going to be a 3ds games people anything else is crazy.

I want to see the anither world get released international

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The story is too old to be commented.