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Possible Natal Pricing Strategy by Microsoft

Alot of the talk in the recent weeks about Microsoft's still codenamed Project Natal is that it will be priced high. So high that most people that have been following the developments of the motion control wars over the past six months or so, think that this peripheral will fail at such a high price point. But with the talks of an Xbox 360 slim in the works, and a Project Natal bundle all but imminent if the slim is announced, is it all that hard to imagine Microsoft pricing the Natal at a point which makes gamers ponder whether purchasing the unit standalone is worth it? Why not take the opportunity to up sell the consumer to a redesigned Xbox 360, an expanded HDD, and a motion controller. It's not that hard to imagine and heres why. (Microsoft, Project Natal, Xbox 360)

math  +   1905d ago
I still thinks it's gonna be under 100
SixZeroFour  +   1905d ago
id LIKE it to be between 60-100, it would be the only way i would think about buying one
NecrumSlavery  +   1905d ago
The only way I'm buying it is the show me something new and different this E3. Maybe a blue ball or something..

I kid, I kid. I am still hoping the motion tracking can let me take full control of my Avatars/Characters in the next Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Can we say powerslide? It would be cool to make and record your very own music videos. That would be cool!
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Hideo_Kojima  +   1904d ago
That would be cool and totally possible if you had a guitar as well...

Would Natal work online?
Imagine playing rockban with someone online and actually walking up to them and pissing them off as your playing.

That would be awesome.
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kfloydchicken  +   1905d ago
NATAL will be cheap.
MS "leaked" the 150 price to "mind-condition" people.
So that when it comes out at $50
... people will think it's a steal.
(... of course there will be a lot of people who'll fall for it.)
Quagmire  +   1905d ago
Knowing Microsoft, it'll probably be over 9000!
jjesso1993  +   1905d ago
one word ITS M$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$
niceguywii60  +   1905d ago
I was not even aware people other than Pro Sony groupies took the high price rumor seriously. I'm willing to bet no one outside the pro Sony group believes the rumor nor do they assume Natal will fail because of the rumor. Stop with the camera being as expensive as the console itself BS hating. The only people talking about the "supposed" high price are the people using the price to try and shape popular opinion against Natal.

I have not heard any 360 fans or media talking about the rumor out side of places PS3 fanboys troll. The only media still making articles about the rumor are the ones trying to get hits or are hating on the tech.

I think product X will cost X amount and will fail! because I read it on the web as a rumor from a supposed inside source we can't name lol. Only PS3 fanboys.

The rumor pops up just after SDF started speculating on its price to tarnish Natal. LMAO

Nitrowolf says:

"there is no way of knowing the price
whether it will be high or low"

^^Yet Microsoft said they wan't to sell 5 million and tap into the casual market. Looks like PS3 fanboys are starting to retract from the price being very high for ((((SURE))))), now they are saying "there is no way of knowing" when they were the ones trying to push high price speculation and rumor as fact. LOL
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deadreckoning666  +   1905d ago
"there is no way of knowing the price
whether it will be high or low"

^^Yet Microsoft said they wan't to sell 5 million and tap into the casual market. Looks like PS3 fanboys are starting to retract from the price being very high for ((((SURE))))), now they are saying "there is no way of knowing" when they were the ones trying to push high price speculation and rumor as fact. LOL

Exactly. Ur right. And u kno how u know ur right. U have 20 disagrees and ZERO rebuttles. They'd rather hide behind a disagree button than admit that there outta line. Cowards much? 20 people disagreed with you..yet when the time comes to give their point of view..they're nowhere to be found.

"Also noteworthy, respondents show a wide disparity as to what they believe the hardware prices will be. To the 6 percent who think Natal will be less than $25: you're going to be disappointed."

Trust me..only an uneducated gamer would think that Natal would be under 25 bux. I've heard PS3 fanboys say its going to be $150(which is possible, but also absurd). Me and others have predicted it'll be between $50-100. Well..we will certaintly find out who is right in a couple of hours I presume :) I hope its not over a hundred cause thats WAAAY to expensive for me.

"Funny but GTTV had there E3 opening show and not one Natal showing you would think GTTV would focus the entire show on Natal being thats what everyone wants to see"

Why in the world would Microsoft spoil premiere Natal on a late night one hour show on Spike?? Casuals don't know about that sh*t. Why do you think their press conference will be held on the biggest HD screen in Times Square? U do know that casuals are spending the most money in this industy right? Why would M$ waste the premiere of Natal on GTTV, a show thats primarilly geared towards hardcore gamers?
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Parapraxis  +   1905d ago
Plenty of people think Natal will carry a high price tag.
Get you heads out of your asse...errr sand.
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Sunny_D  +   1905d ago
There we have it, folks. Parapraxis has proven that people can be dumb and completely obsessed with a brand. Just because you are skeptical with a product doesn't make you biased or a fanboy.

I support Sony, but I do criticize them when somethings not right.

And speaking of cowards, dead how is the stealth trolling going? You seem to be scared to say anything against MS, but will say bad things about Sony just because you own it.
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jmare  +   1905d ago
Niceguy, There is a way to make an educated guess about the price of Natal.
Just look at other accessories/add-ons for the 360:

From Xbox.com
Wireless adapter: $99.99

250 GB Hard drive: $129.99


HD DVD player (At Launch) $199.99

If history is any indication, Natal will be expensive.

EDIT I love how people disagree with facts. Can anyone please tell me why the prices of Microsoft's previous accessories can't be used to estimate the price of Natal? Or is it because it might mean that Natal won't be as cheap as you think it will be?
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KillerPwned  +   1905d ago
I would say somewhere between $100-$150 my personal guest and ill be honest the reason why i think this is because all the other stuff MS released for the 360 was usually priced high. Now anyone knows that im not bashing anyone but that`s why i feel it will be around that price.

I do hope MS changes and prices this lower then $100 say from $60-$100
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Death2494  +   1904d ago
Think about this. With Move you'll probably going to have to purchase multiple controllers. With Natal, you'll only have to buy the one item and it recognizes two people. When you think about it, $149.99 doesn't sound that bad to me.
Redlogic  +   1905d ago
@niceguywii60 dude...
you and hallmark, all you guys talk about is ps3 fanboys...and I'm sure you have a valid point with what you are saying..there are ps3 fans out there that are going to try to skew a negative opinion of Natal on others, but what annoys me most is your giant wall-0-text and you don't even talk about Natal itself, just your obsession with fanboys. Ease up a bit, gaming is supposed to be fun and if you let people get to you like this, you have no one to blame but yourself. Not one contribution to the comments section at all in your entire comment.

Not tryin to be an a$$hole about it, but playin the victim card everytime you post is just pathetic. Enuff already. Enjoy your xbox,ps3,wii..whatever it is. Its a game console (games are fun)!
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Cold 2000  +   1905d ago
We're a couple of days before E3 and ALL the focus is on Natal...and the thing doesnt even have a freaking name lol.

@below: a second after you posted you got a disagree, some crazy fool in here lol.
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xTruthx  +   1905d ago
3 days :o
cereal_killa  +   1905d ago
"We're a couple of days before E3 and ALL M$ focused is on Natal"....fixed

Funny but GTTV had there E3 opening show and not one Natal showing you would think GTTV would focus the entire show on Natal being thats what everyone wants to see, The only reason people are even talking about Natal right now is they want to see what they have beside that stupid dodge ball game and they better show REAL demos not taped smoke and mirrors like last year. And to be honest it doesn't matter what M$ prices Natal people will buy no matter what.
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Biggest  +   1905d ago
There is no focus on the plethora of announced PS3 games. It's all about Natal. Wait a minute. . .
seij555  +   1905d ago
What focus? Its been more directed to the slew of Sony exclusives and a possible new Zelda for Wii. It just happens to be the most talked about 360 subject which is kind of sad when focus should be directed to actual games like Reach, Gears, etc.
Megaton  +   1905d ago
Completely agree. You know you're too far gone when motion cams matter more than actual good games coming to the console of the company you worship.

Never understood what European 360 fanboys like Cold 2000 get out of their ferocious loyalty in the first place. You guys don't even get as many features as American 360 owners. What does XBL Gold include in Europe? Online play? Anything else? If I'm not mistaken, some countries in Europe can't even connect to XBL.
silvacrest  +   1905d ago
who cares? as a gamer dont you want....games??

all everyone has seen from natal is "red kickball game" so i'll give MS props for still getting peoples interest but i just want games no motion stuff

also a psphone would be nice...
Prcko  +   1905d ago
no chance it's gonna be under 100,project natal isn't cheap addon,and you will see that soon enough
Nitrowolf2  +   1905d ago
there is no way of knowing the price
whether it will be high or low
that is all up to MS
although people been saying its going to be high because of the tech, mybe MS will surprise people in the price
i mean they did take some hardware out of NATAL eailier
If i am gonna guess a price range its gonna be (i hope ) 80-100
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kfloydchicken  +   1905d ago
WIll be lower then 100
MS has hyped NATAL and then leaked an exorbitant price.
So that when they release the real price it deserves (probably 50-70)...
... people will think its a steal!!
MS thinks we're this stupid ...
... Well, I'm not biting.
Omega4  +   1905d ago
If people pay $99 for a Balance Board I dont see why they wouldn't buy Natal for $150
duplissi  +   1905d ago
sad but true...
ZombieAutopsy  +   1905d ago
I have a feeling it will be some what expensive on its own (around $100), but I see a bundle that includes Natal for around $250 without a hard-drive and $300 with one. Both MS and Sony are pretty much going to have to bundle their motion controls with their consoles from now on if they really want to get the Wiicess anyways.
DeltaZ3R05  +   1905d ago
they should sell natal for $175.
crapgamer  +   1905d ago
All Eyes on Microsoft that is for sure.
Everyone want's to see Natal at work, be they Sony fans or Nintendo fans. That is just what Microsoft wants. Curiosity is a wonderful tool to sell things, especially electronics. Also, how come not many people are picking up on the "Leaked" price of $149 as that being a ploy by Microsoft to feel out the market? They got so much feedback and most of it points to everyone is willing to pay $99 or so for it. So I wouldn't doubt they shock everyone and sell the thing for $99. I still see them doing a Natal/slim 360 bundle for $250 because it's the best way to get the new tech out there.
boodybandit  +   1905d ago
Do you live in a fish bowl?
Do yo honestly believe, not trolling nonsense just trying to stir trouble, but honestly believe, most people are interested in what MS is going to do over Sony and Nintendo? Why on earth, other than the obvious reasons, would you think that?

Most of my gaming friends (all adult gamers, all own both PS3's and 360's) are not interested in Natal even a little bit. To be honest most of them are not that interested in Move either. But they are ALL more interested in what Sony is announcing at E3 than MS. Why? That's a pretty easy answer. Sony has the most studio support and they are announcing a lot of new technologies and upgrades at this E3.

They are updating their online service with PSN+ (premium or what ever it's name will be), 3D gaming, Move, a ton of sequels and new IP's.

We can all but guess, with a few exceptions what the focus of MS's E3 will be. Reach, Gears, Fable, Natal (wave or what not) it's games, probably some new features for XBL and a couple to few timed multiplatform exclusives and DLC.

Can anyone honestly tell me with a reason of certainty that MS will announce a blockbuster exclusive title that none of us knew existed? Now if they did that would blow me away! As a gamer of all consoles and not some immature fanboy, I hope I am wrong about MS and they do make a few exceptional announcements that I am interested in. We will all find out soon enough.

Either way this year is already off to an amazing start and possibly might end up being the best year in gaming history for variety and fantastic titles for both consoles.

Edit: A disagree in less than a minute. This site never ceases to amaze me with some of it's cowardly members. Okay than have the balls to reply to me and make your predictions. Put them down in black and white and we will discuss who was right or wrong next week.

Keepem coming. For every disagree I get without a response just tells me I am right and you guys can't deal with common logic. Some of you people need to get off the net and check yourselves in the mirror. You take this sh!t way too seriously. Most of you trolls and fanboys are not even gamers. Then again it's probably just some kid with dozens of accounts signing into all of them just to hit disagree. Oh well. Back to actually playing video games for me. Carry on with your internet war while the real gamers go play games.
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Kurt Russell  +   1904d ago
I was enjoying reading your POV, and then somewhere near the bottom you suddenly kick off about a Disagree button conspiracy? Numpty
Adaminy  +   1905d ago
$79.99-89.99 is all they should be selling it for.
acere  +   1905d ago
i dont mind if really work, i may finally see as somthing whit value and get 1 for myself,but not at that price$250
if when they come down in price to somthing like $99_$150 range then i may...... im saying the box whit natal
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Kemicalbeliefs  +   1905d ago
I want Natal and Move to be good because then Microsoft and Sony will have to get competitive and we'll be the winners.
Prices, games and all types of offers means more for the gamer as a whole.
kfloydchicken  +   1905d ago
NATAL will be cheap.
MS "leaked" the 150 price to "mind-condition" people.
So that when it comes out at $50
... people will think it's a steal.
(... of course there will be a lot of people who'll fall for it.)
jack_burt0n  +   1905d ago
I cant be bothered to read all the arguing but you have to listen to people that are trying to get an idea based on the hardware.

IR camera
3D camera
HD positional mic array
On board cpu

that adds up its not cheap tech remember the IR camera is powerful enough to pick up movement in very low light.

I agree with the article they will price it alot higher as a stand alone product hoping people will just buy a bundle.
jmare  +   1905d ago
The on-board cpu was removed and the IR camera is allegedly powerful enough to detect and track movement in low light. Otherwise you are correct.

jack_burt0n  +   1905d ago
"Natal’s tech is now thought to be a modified version of the PS1080 chip – built by Israeli company PrimeSense and featuring a “multi-sense system” offering synchronised depth image, colour image and audio stream.
However, Natal’s dual-chip system was recently cut in half after what was said to be concerns over memory and processing usage."

PrimeSense today confirmed that its 3D-sensing technology will remain in Project Natal.

"The Reference Design generates realtime depth, color and audio data of the living room scene. It works in all room lighting conditions (whether in complete darkness or in a fully lit room). It does not require the user to wear or hold anything, does not require calibration and does not require computational resources from the host’s processor”

"The PrimeSensor is built around PrimeSense’s PS1080 SoC. The PS1080
controls the IR light source in order to project the scene with an IR
Light Coding image. The IR projector is a Class 1 safe light source, and
is compliant with the IEC 60825-1 standard. A standard CMOS image
sensor, receives the projected IR light and transfers the IR Light
Coding image to the PS1080. The PS1080 processes the IR image and
produces an accurate per-frame depth image of the scene.

To produce more accurate sensory information, the PrimeSensor performs a
process called Registration. The Registration process’s resulting
images are pixel-aligned,which means that every pixel in the color image
is aligned to a pixel in the depth image."

courtesy of theXtReMe1

Like i said.

Oh and dont forget the self adjusting motor that is pretty expensive.
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silvacrest  +   1905d ago
its microsoft so it will be expensive

nuff said

im just wondering how expensive
Silver360  +   1905d ago
funny thought
what if MS uses Natal to take pictures of those playing pirated games, so they can really go after them.
patterson  +   1905d ago
That would be funny. Microsoft could include that in their EULA when you first plug it in.
HurstDarkStar  +   1905d ago
I have a hunch Natal will be successful
its really in the same position Nintendo revolution was

1. nobody knew what it could really do
2.people are very interested to see how it works with them
3.Media in general all have their eyes on it
4.its bringing a new element to game (and i believe its also working with PC's too* weird*)

well begin to disagree N4G i know, i know, THERES NO WAY NATAL IS GONNA succeed YOU 360 FANBOY!!!!

P.s i dont own an xbox but i will if there is a slim
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munish23  +   1905d ago
I'm hoping for a price no more than $100, if it's less than that, even better.
Wikkid666  +   1905d ago
Stuff to think about
How much is WiiFit?
How much are Wii Controllers?
How much is Sony Move?

Pretty pricey if especially if you are want the whole family to play.

It's one device that can do much more than the competition. So if it was $150, would it really be that expensive in the long run.
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fashion52   1905d ago | Spam
dcbronco  +   1905d ago
I think the $149 was leaked by MS.
It riles people up and gets them talking about Natal instead of Move. Then when Natal releases for $60-75 instead of the $50 that was originally talked about, the price will seem like people are getting a bargain. I also believe they will announce a 360 Slim w/Natal for around $219. The Arcade cost MS well under $200 to produce now with the Jasper chip and other cost reductions and adding Natal in the package at that price would probably allow them to still break even. At this point anything that brings them back up in console sales gives them time to hold out on the next generation.
Ripyealip  +   1904d ago
im going to take a guess and say it will be called the motion or xbox motion
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