Why PS2 Compatibility Needs To Be On PS3

There was once a time when you could play any PlayStation game that you want on the PlayStation 3- namely PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 1 games. Since this admirable time, Sony has slowly removed the function altogether, leaving most people with PS2-less PS3’s as many of the original consoles begin to die.

Over the past year, we’ve seen many rumours floating around that Sony have has a secret firmware in their testing labs with PlayStation 2 compatibility. I, for one, would love for this to be true. There have also been rumours that this function will be embedded into another rumoured feature, a PlayStation Network Premium Service. However, there is one main reason as to why this would be bad for Sony.

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qface642903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

my phat broke so i had to get a slim god i miss and want BC
i miss my DQ8

FiftyFourPointTwo2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

"my phat broke so i had to get a slime god i miss and want BC"
You had to get a.... slime? :P

Awww.. why did you have to edit? xD

HolyOrangeCows2903d ago

You're supposed to wait until it's too late for them to edit it back before you make fun of them, silly.

Software emulation isn't perfect. I'd rather just play my Ps2 games on my Ps2.

jadenkorri2903d ago

oh wait,I believe we were were begging for ps2 compatibility to be removed from ps3. My mistake, what could we all of been thinking. Now you want it back, well i guess the tables have turned now. Oh well, my launch 60gig is running strong with full BC...

jaredhart2903d ago

I don't think anyone asked for BC to be removed. Rather Sony chose to remove it to reduce costs.

tyrok3k2903d ago

I believe they removed PS2 support so that people would actually buy PS3 games instead of buying it just for Blu-ray/PS2 games.

jadenkorri2903d ago

I agree that "begging" may not have been the proper term, but all i saw was nothing but complaints that "noone" was playing ps2 games on their ps3 and that we all had ps2's. By removing the ps2 compatibility was to remove hardware from the ps3, essentially reducing costs for sony which then could be sold at a cheaper price. But now we want it back.

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jaredhart2903d ago

Is what I read before your edit and I wondered for a second,

"What the eff is a Slime God!?!" lol.

qface642903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

well it was a typo but if it wasn't since i mentioned dragon quest 8 then i guess a slime god would be the ehm god of slimes?
not sure if there actually is one though
metal king slime is the closest

meganick2903d ago

You never heard of the legendary Slime God? It's the mystical creature that crashes and bricks game consoles. Beware!

Bodyboarder_VGamer2903d ago

my 60GB died too, now I got a PS3 Slim and a PS2 Slim but the PS2 games looked so much better on PS3...

LeonSKennedy4Life2903d ago

If you're running a PS2 with component out, they look better on the PS2 than they do on the PS3.

rob60212903d ago

It's not just the component, its the fact PS3 forces all PS2 games into non-interlaced progressive scan format, which looks quite a lot better on most HDTVs.

vickers5002903d ago

F*ck, all these 60gigs dying is scaring me now. I wouldn't want to replace my perfect ps3 with some crappy less featured device. 2 usb ports, no backwards compatibility, no memory card slots? I cant imagine a ps3 without those things.

I use all 4 usb ports, and need more. I recently bought a couple of ps2 games I missed out on last gen (and sold my ps2 awhile ago). And I use the memory cards for game save backups. Not to mention the ps3 60gb looks beautiful with it's shiny black surface, chrome finish, and pressure/heat(?) sensitive buttons, and the switch on the back similar to the ps2 that gives me some nostalgia from the ps2 glory days.

I cant imagine losing all of that in favor of a "thinner" ps3.

RatFuker2903d ago

centimental value...but then again, there are true gems...

Sigh2903d ago

im playing DQ8 @ the moment on my 80gig PS3.

Darkstorn2903d ago

LOL someone disagreed with every single comment in this string. Is someone butthurt?

vickers5002903d ago

I got this game about a year ago for my ps3 (don't have a ps2) and love it. It's the only JRPG that I like.

Sunny_D2903d ago

I still have a launch 60gb still going strong. Want to trade? :p But, I don't even play PS2 games on my system at ALL. Seems like you could use it more than me.

TheJudgement2903d ago

can just call sony to repair your the orig and not have to buy a new 1.

Fruit Loops2903d ago

im gonna wait on that news about the new model before i get a slim.

(i got ylod)

lelo2play2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

Sony doesn't want PS2 Compatibility on PS3. They make a HD version of a PS2 game and resell it to the consumer... like they did with god of war 1 and 2. They would bee pretty stupid to put PS2 Compatibility now, when they have a perfect way to milk money from the consumers reselling the same game in HD.

DigitalEnemy2903d ago

Totally agree. Why would Sony bring B/C back when they can release HD remakes of the classics? And as GOW collection proved, we will buy them if Sony make them....

Would be very suprised if it was part of PSN+, but realistically its not coming back guys...

Shang-Long2903d ago

beacuse they arent going to re release every game. but i get what you guys are saying

mantisimo2903d ago

But am nervous as they do seem to have started dying a bit and have sold my Ps 2.

That said as more and more next gen titles are released I revisit my ps2 stuff less and less although ico and Shadow still get played regularly but if they are to release an HD package of both games then I would buy it and then really wouldn't need backwards comp anymore.(except maybe for silent hill 2+3 occasionally)

princejb1342903d ago

i have a fat ps3 and i dont even play my ps2 games
i prefer playing the newer games than go back to games that i have played several times

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unrealgamer582903d ago

lol these articles should be banned

3sq2903d ago

Nah, I didn't buy PS3(HD console) to play PS2 games.

YoungKingDoran2903d ago

right... lets never play any games made before 2006 ever again!

3sq2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

My point is if you want to play PS2 games, buy a PS2. It only costs $99 (a PS3 game costs $60) but then again everyone should have a PS2 by now. If you have money to buy a PS3, there shouldn't be any problem to buy a PS2.

Use the PS3 to play the games that it was made/meant for it, that way you your PS3's lifespan will be longer.

shoddy2903d ago

Those who whine about it is so old school.

xXSilentXx2903d ago

Live in the future not in the Past we AR in the year 2010 :P not in 2001 anymore.

TheGameFoxJTV2903d ago

I don't understand why NOT to have it.

NateNater2903d ago

Sony don't have PS2 BC in PS3 because of cost. Current PS3s would not be able to be sold at $299. That's the main reason why it was dropped. The second reason is because Sony still have individual PS2s out there that are generating a nice profit for them. Sony probably says something like "Who is gonna buy a PS2 if its already included in a PS3?"

Furthermore, ever since 2006, PS2s yearly sales have been decreasing by 2 million each year. This means that many people already have a PS2. This is most likely Sony's reasoning behind dropping PS2 support in PS3.

I have an original 60gig PS3 and I can say that I rarely use it's PS2 backwards capabilities even though I have a ton of PS2 games just sitting around. There's just too many awesome PS3 games out right now I guess :P

TheGameFoxJTV2903d ago

I never finished Disgaea 2.........