With young pitcher Stephen Strasburg anointed the second coming of Jesus, and his MLB debut against the AAAA lineup of the Pirates complete, it is clear that Stephen Strasburg has an immense amount of talent that has been rarely matched if ever, so where does he stack up in the video game rating world.

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cain1412903d ago

The kid is good. He makes his second start tomorrow. Against the Indians. Let's see if he keeps in ungodly pace...

Ziriux2903d ago

That guy is over rated.

johnbknight2903d ago

He has performed as well or better than expectations at every level, so it is hard to call him overrated just yet. In the spirit of the World Cup reminds me a lot of Jozy Altidore, who played a great game today, very good player now, with a brilliant career ahead...

cain1412903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

I think 14k's first start lives up to the hype. If not surpases it...

patterson2903d ago

Strasberg is the real thing, but you can't blame companies to rate him conservitely. Over time these things will even out.

cain1412903d ago

Exactly, for every "real thing" that makes it into the big leagues there are a lot of misses. So I can understand why people would be nervous about this guy.

Clumzyagent2903d ago

The stats were made after Strasberg having such a small window of time being in the Majors. We'll have to wait and see if he matches that rating or proves it wrong, for better or worse.

Nuclearwinter2903d ago

Now I think we should wait to see him play against a real team. The Pirates are pretty much a minor league team playing in one of nicest major league stadiums. You wouldn't judge a boxer as the next Ali after he beats down a deaf and blind kid.

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