Top 5 Best Songs on Games. Ever.

Music defines our lives. Some people listen to JLS while other prefer slipknot. Who knows who is right and who is wrong. But we, as gamers all agree on one thing. Gaming theme songs rock! So here is a run-down of the top 5 best game theme songs ever.

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FanboyAttack2899d ago

Halo theme music should probably be #1. It's as recongnizable as super mario brothers.

despair2899d ago

actually and I'm not trying to troll but I can't remember what halo theme music sounds like and i've played 1,2 and 3, it just didn't stick...Zelda is still the top of my list.

Sunny_D2899d ago

Actually I don't know it's theme song. But, one I always do remember is Encounter from MGS and the Mario theme song.

captain-obvious2899d ago

MGS : the best is yet to come

Vlaitor2899d ago

I think MGS should at least be there, Zelda, Halo and Mega Man all deserve their places. Sorry but mario has a 'epic' soundtrack but it's not necessary extremely "good".

Myze2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

The Final Fantasy Crystal song should be on the list as well. It's in every Final Fantasy, in one form or another, and has had some really well made versions. I can't imagine anyone that has played more than one FF game wouldn't know the song (the battle music would be there too, if it hadn't been changed in the last couple of games). Uematsu is one of the greats in video game history.

Here's one version of it:

Someone even has an evolutional stream of the song through the series:

part 1:
part 2:

Of course, the actual FF theme song is in pretty much all of them too. While maybe not quite as recognizable, since it's not played during the startup screen, most people will recognize it.

part 1:
part 2:

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FanboyAttack2899d ago

This is my phones ringtone

Brewski0072899d ago

Whats even more fun is if you play 2 videos at the same time lol!. Its fun. I mixed super mario and mega man and it sounds twice as awesome now lol!

TheTwelve2899d ago

Don't know the Halo theme song at all...first time listening to it now.

What can I say, I don't play FPS games.


Alcon Caper2899d ago

Metal Gear Solid should definitely be up there.

My personal fav, however is the moon music from Duck Tales.

Myze2899d ago

Ha, I haven't played this game in 15+ years, but I still remember that song, although obviously not that version of it. Too bad video games based off of shows/movies can't be as good as they were on the NES/SNES/Genesis. Hell, even games based off of advertisements were good back then (Cool Spot)!

hatchimatchi2899d ago

I couldn't remember what the halo theme sounded like so I listened to the clip.

Still didn't ring a bell.

Downtown boogey2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Maybe you never played the games?

Though I don't really like the fact that this is the Halo 2 version with the electric guitar played by Steve Vai.

sikbeta2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Halo Theme?

Metal Gear Saga is the Best Ever:

Followed by MGS3: Snake Eater Main theme:

Then you have SoTC OST + TLoZ OST and My God, so on...

Downtown boogey2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

You are right. Halo Theme is the best game song I've ever heard and I've heard A LOT of them.

It's not very consistent to put merely iconic pieces up there like Super Mario because there are many better songs out there. MGS series for example has some of the best music in gaming much due to HGW. Also the early Medal Of Honor games have very good scores composed by the recent Academy award winner Michael Giacchino.

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The 10th Rider2899d ago

I would laugh if they put a song from Rock band or guitar hero on there.

karlowma2899d ago

Halo theme is in Guitar Hero 3 :D

Listening to this almost made me want to play it (GH3) again. Almost.

EXID2899d ago

i actually love the super mario music lol there's just something funny about it, but it's so catchy XD i liked the metal gear theme, but i don't think it's as popular as i think lol

cool cole2899d ago

Normally, I wouldn't agree with you, but on this I do.

gumgum992899d ago

Wow, this is a nice theme. I really wish I played this game more, but I only had a chance to play Donkey Kong on Gameboy as DK Land.

That synth that comes in at 0:43 is particularly awesome. ^_^

LedZeppelin2899d ago

I dont think the zelda song was remixed by SOAD....i think it was mr. Bungle

SOAD2899d ago

Yes, the Zelda song was remixed by yours truly.

lightningsax2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

No, it wasn't. It was covered by a different guy completely, but he sounded like Tankian, so people thought it was SOAD. Someone picking on the silliness going on spliced live Toxicity footage to the song:

Even then, it's not a remix because it's not using any of the original material. It's a different performance of it, so it's a cover. And it's not by SOAD - although who knows, the user above me probably has a remix of the theme somewhere!

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