How Two Average Shmucks got into E3 2010

Two tiny blog editors for DEFCON:AWESOME break down their path, along with costs, from average Joes to holders of the hallowed E3 Media Badge. Is it really that exclusive? Is it expensive? The fact that these two knuckle heads got in confirms the obvious: they'll let anybody in.

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Quagmire2777d ago

If IGN can get in, anyone can

Iamback2777d ago

sh..y blog writting about other shi.y blogs getting to attend E3....ok

ChronoJoe2777d ago

Lol don't mean shit because most decent stuff ain't on the show floor and there not invited to it. I know retailers who have gotten 'all access passes' only to get snubbed all show.

Publishers like Ubisoft put some crappy PSN/XBLA games on the show floor and individually invite specific journalists.

But no, it's not hard to get into E3, not at all. If you have any kind of link to the gaming industry, then you can pretty much blag your way in, but don't expect to see anything that won't be on the show floor.

tdrules2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )


xer02777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

What a crap post.

It's not difficult to get into E3 at all.

They make it sound as though it's a super exclusive event like the MTV movie awards.

tdrules2777d ago

if anyone can explain how this is news for gamers PLEASE tell me.
this is not a news aggregator, this is a gaming news aggregator.

zireno2777d ago

Come on, I thought it was pretty informative about how they got things done, don't know why there's so much hate. If you have a better way to go besides actually working on a big known website, a publisher or whatever then please do tell, instead of talking crap about it.

tdrules2777d ago

it's not hard to get a media pass for E3, i know people with 3 month old blogs that have media passes.

ChronoJoe2777d ago

Ya it's literally just making a blog with a good name, and applying. Post a couple crappy articles up, that's it.

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