InsightBits: Nier Review

InsightBits writes, "Nier is a hard game to characterize. On the surface it may look like a simple hack ‘n’ slash game with poor graphics, its use of varying dungeon styles and camera angles make it unusual and unlike any game I have played in recent memory. Strangely enough though, the game succeeds where many have failed but simultaneously fails where games are expected to succeed."

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GuruStarr782928d ago

I skipped most of the sidequests and was able to really get into this's got a "Zelda"-esque-action rpg feel to it...I've only got two of the four endings, but this game was pretty fun and under-rated in my opinion.

Nitrowolf22928d ago

i thought there were only 3 endings?
yeah i only got 2 of them also i didn't want to go and collect all of the weapons

GuruStarr782926d ago

thats where Im at right now, I'm really not looking forward to trying to find all the weapons either.