Virgin Gaming Invades Downtown LA; Prepping E3 Reveal – Win ModNation Racers

PSLS Writes: Virgin Gaming has invaded Downtown LA in preparation for the launch of their new website, which is set to be revealed this Tuesday at E3. The launch is still shrouded in mystery, so to get gamers and the press hyped up for the announcement, Virgin Gaming teamed up with West Coast Customs so they could ride around LA in style with a tricked out Virgin Gaming armored car. Yes, you read that right, an armored car (pictured below).

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Trexman892961d ago

Sir Richard Branson uses this when his space shuttle is low on gas

doctorstrange2961d ago

But seriously, this looks pretty darn awesome

Sev2961d ago

What everyone doesn't know, is that this has something to do with Sony ;)

You all will see soon.

Insomnia_842961d ago

god**** it! Sev you had to do that!! Spit it out!!

West_Coast_G2961d ago

Yo dawg I heard you like Virgins...

razorc032961d ago

Do you think Virgin Games has a plan to get huge like Activision or EA?

West_Coast_G2961d ago

Hm...not sure. My question is, why an armored truck?

Sigh2961d ago

an armoured truck because of the guns that will be blazing @ E3...

joinsideke2961d ago

Hopefully noone else realizes they can win a free game by clicking the link, so that us few have better chances...

doctorstrange2961d ago

Cheeky bugger, good luck on the comp

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The story is too old to be commented.