Top 5 most-anticipated Nintendo Wii exclusives at E3 2010

Examiner’s top five most-anticipated Nintendo Wii exclusives that will, hopefully, be shown at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.

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movements2962d ago

Zelda's number 1 on my list!

N4GAddict2962d ago

I hope they top the reveal trailer for Twilight Princess

trounbyfire2962d ago

lets be honest it is time for a new zelda and we know its being made

OneSneakyMofo2962d ago

Earthbound Wii, Zelda, and Goldeneye remake please.

Astromage2962d ago

I hope they have a game were you have to "Wii" into some sort of toilet/urinal

Cause that's relaxing... right?

gii bro2962d ago

Xenoblades looking really good. Wonder what games are still to be announced. One can only imagine. Eternal Darkness 2 please.

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