Pach-Attack! Pachters E3 predictions.

Pachter takes matters into his own hands and answers the burning questions before heading into E3! Will we see an Xbox 360 Slim and price cut this fall? Will we see a Wii HD?

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adamx2872d ago

pach-attack aka another guess.

dangert122872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

he don't guess he 'stirs'

dis guy needs a slap about baby's
i'm old enough to give him a step brother weres his mama @ LOL

deadpoole2871d ago

This guy should've been in China Town distributing fortune cookies.

Conloles2871d ago

Going off his guessing its gonna be so far from the truth

poopface12871d ago

are you drunk too, because I have no idea what you just tried to say.

psycho3602871d ago


This guy should have been in chinatown instead of Jack nicholson and getting his nose ripped..

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deadreckoning6662871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Every week the people on this site joke about Pachter and how all he does is guess. We've established this MONTHS ago. Move on people, the jokes gettin old. Its his job. U do realize that your coming here to hate on a person who is simply doing their job right? Weird.

"He's a retard."

So...where are YOUR millions lol?? Why aren't people paying you for YOUR advice/opinions? I rest my case

Sunny_D2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Do you ever stop dick riding people and come up with anything other than "it's his job, it's competition, it's his opinion, etc... bla bla bla

poopface12871d ago

I thought taht was funny that you like patcher. And then that guy made fun of you.

This website is great.

SubZero2871d ago

that was actually pretty mellow. maybe he actually read up on what gaming was for once.

Captain Tuttle2871d ago

You're probably too young to remember WKRP. Dr. Johnny Fever.

I like Pach. He's alright in my book.

oohWii2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

That "fellow babies" sh!t was whack as hell. Felt like I needed a shower after hearing that creepy sh!t.

I was around for WKRP in Cinncinnati, but it just felt out of place especially for this day and age.

Rhythmattic2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

He did explain the "fellow Babies" in an earlier episode of -Ass Pack-... (thats what it sounds like to me LOL)..

Why not something original ? Trekkie's are trekkie's, but us gamers arent babies for F*&k sake... (though many could argue that)

Fellow Babies.... Quick , have a toke.....

basicsameh5142871d ago

1.patch has been in the industry for more than you have been on the earth(so im guessing 10 years)

2.patch has alot of connections in the gaming industry

3.just because he said "xbox" or "slim" its a lie? i can see by your avatar your a dirty fanboy

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cobraagent2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

Pachter, maybe you should buy yourself a new magic ball

TheLeprachaun2872d ago

Wait...what was he calling us? 'Fellow babies'?

user83971442871d ago

I predict that I'm going to shoot you if you keeps calling us "fellow babies"!

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