New Gran Turismo 5 Trailer, and GT1-4 Retrospective

This new video from the Playstation Blog is the full version of the Gran Turismo 5 trailer shown last night on GameTrailers and Spike TV. It includes a retrospective of Gran Turismo 1 through GT4 and all-new footage of Gran Turismo 5.

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N4GAddict2904d ago

I hope they announce the release date at E3.

tinybigman2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

people it will be announced at E3 for godsake. the KB ModNation ad practically guaranteed it would. everyone stop acting like it won't release this year.

edit @ below
trust me ive waited patiently for this beauty also and i know and feel that we will get release date at E3 on Tuesday. so everyone needs to just chill with their damn rantings about give them a date.

deadpoole2904d ago

GT5 is one game which Ive been patiently awaiting for all these years ... despite of what my friends said about it ... I didnt believe any of em ... cuz I believe that there is gonna be only one definitive game and that is GT5

lightningsax2904d ago

The architecture for that stage looks amazing so far! I can't believe I'm talking about architecture in a racing game, but holy crap, here it is!

ShadowJetX2904d ago

Because they're not insane, they're almost life like.

rockleex2904d ago

There, everyone's happy. ^_^

hennessey862904d ago

graphics are amazing as with every granturismo game but if the demo was anything to go by the handling was shocking and so were the sound effects i hope the full game is alot better and dont say it was realistic because it wasnt both cars including the tuned 370z handled the same twitchy as hell whats the point of making a game if it cant be played with a pad i for one dont have the setup to incorpaerate a steering wheel

Venatus-Deus2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

The Demo you speak of was for the GT academy and all the driving aids where turned off. They wanted to find the best of the best. The demo was also 265mb only so there will be a vast improvement in graphics/sound.

Basically you need a wheel to have any chance and the handling for my G25 was spot on. The full game will cater for your d-pad needs.

hennessey862903d ago

why am i getting disagrees i am a huge fan of gt but i was hugely dissapointed in gt5 p and the time trial demo they didnt feel right to me they looked good as all gt games do but didnt play like gt usually does gt3 is still the best one its gona take more than shiny graphics to top that game it was legendary

Revvin2904d ago

I'll be watching Sony's E3 announcement waiting for a release date!

Jamaicangmr2904d ago

Awwsome! Just Awwsome. To know where you're going you gotta know where you're from.

weazel2904d ago

950+ cars .......Fu*k.

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The story is too old to be commented.