Gamers don't always get what they want, a look back at canceled games

Gamers don't always get what they want especially when it comes to games being released. Screen shots, interviews, videos and years of development mean nothing if the game is canceled. Goozernation takes a look back at some of the most notorious game cancellations including Starcraft Ghost, Duke Nukem Forever, Sonic Xtreme, Thrill Kill, Star Fox 2, and asks why were these great games canceled?

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WildArmed2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

Or natal and Move.
Or facebook and Twitter on consoles.

We can do this all day lol

The problem is even though gamers want games like Duke nukem Forever, the devs dont think they can live up to the hype they've built. so they end up giving up on delivering with such high expectations (with multiple screw ups in the development process) which eventually gets the game screwed up.
And everyone else too afraid to follow up on the franchise.

FiftyFourPointTwo2934d ago

I'm sorry. But 3D is a much-welcomed addition to my KillZone 3 experience next year.

roblef2934d ago

Exactly. I've got enough social media, odd control schemes, and stupid fads like 3D. Let's get some killer games, ok?

averyzoe2934d ago

Seems to me that they should spend less time hyping a game that isn't even ready, and more time actually finishing it.