Lens of Truth - Split/Second Head2Head

Lens of Truth writes, "In this Head2Head, the Lens of Truth takes a look at Split/Second, the racing game with big explosions (think Burnout, but with more destruction). Powered by Play N Trade Oviedo, Fl., this super-fast paced racer explodes across both consoles for a ride worthy of tweeting home about. So buckle up and watch the video. Then read on for an in-depth analysis."

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Strange_Evil2991d ago

Good to see PS3 winning... Would have bought this if it weren't for Modnation Racers.

ShinMaster2991d ago

I remember the same thing happening with Burnout Paradise.

Information Minister2991d ago

That's 19% torn frames for the PS3 version actually. And the Xbox 360 version still manages to produce 6% torn frames, even rendering at 672p versus the PS3's native 720p.

Maybe you should go back to DF's comparison. They somehow found a way to spin it in favor of the 360... Like they always do.

deadpoole2991d ago

You know what ... there was time when I was biased ... but then I bought the other half and now I can say that PS3 and Xbox 360 ... both of em has got their strong points. Multiplat are preferred on Xbox 360 and Exclusives are for PS3. Good thing is that PS3 is getting now lot more good, detailed and graphically awesome exclusives when compared to launch games.

I wish either of these console release native 1080p games (no 2D or small area game). I prefer games having vast draw distance and lot of action stuff happening around you with brilliant soundeffects (like Battlefield Bad Company 2) over resolution anyday.

sak5002991d ago


" wish either of these console release native 1080p games (no 2D or small area game)."

I highly doubt either of the current gen console can pull off BC2 in full HD @ 60fps or for that matter any open world high res games. Both techs are limited in hardware in one form or another. Imagine squeezing in hires textures in just 256mb of ps3's split memory or 512 of shared of 360 which is also being used for o/s and actual game.

We all were brought into HD era by Sony and MS but they really lied to us when they said that there games would be in 1080p. We are now finding out that in reality most games are 720 or even sub HD, but still we owe it to these 2 companies to helped push most of us to ditch our CRT TVs to buy HD or Full HD TVs.

Maybe next gen consoles can pull even 1080P 3D games who knows.

evildeli2991d ago

Agreed. I feel jipped for believing this gen was gonna be true HD not sub.

shadow27972991d ago

720p is HD. X360 and PS3 are HD consoles, and most games are HD games. Sony and MS didn't lie, you just misinterpreted.

sak5002991d ago


Did you missed out the part where i said they lied about 1080P? This had more to do with sony downplaying 360's 720P HD gaming and saying that ps3 can do most games in "FULL HD" which is 1080p not 720p. I dont care if games are in 720p back in 2k5 as i had just bought a 50" 1080i TV for gaming on 360 but 5 years down the road i picked up another 50" 1080P plasma which really shows difference between 720p and 1080p movies. Anyway to cut it short both consoles are underpowered to product 1080p games let alone games in 3D with details on par with BC2.

IHateYouFanboys2991d ago

@sak500: THEY didnt lie about 1080p - Sony lied about 1080p. they were the ones that said all the PS3 games would be in 1080p running at 60fps. actually, they even went so far as to say they would be running in dual 1080p at 200fps.

microsoft on the other hand only ever said 720p. they then added 1080p through a patch BEFORE the PS3 had even been released, but didnt say anything about all games being in native 1080p.

'Full HD' is a Sony-coined term that they use to make dumb consumers think that all the other HD tvs arent in fact HD, when they are. if your average stupid consumer is looking at buying a tv, and one says 'HD' and the other says 'Full HD', theyre inclined to think 'so the first one isnt full HD? the second one must be better' - when in fact theyre both exactly the same. chalk a win up to sonys marketing crew in that case.

Sony lied about the power of their console, no doubt. microsoft said nothing about 1080p, yet youre saying they lied? how do you lie when you dont even mention it?

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seij5552991d ago

Multiplats are for my PC, they are cheaper and they look better.

Sea_Man2991d ago

Dude digital foundry did the demo not the full game! I'm sure you've made so many games to realize that a demo is not the final game. But nice try!

evildeli2991d ago

maybe he's jumping on the fanboy wagon early :)

OGharryjoysticks2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

But I hate screen tearing. I mean I really really really hate screen tearing more than anything in the world of video games. I hate it even more than slowdown. And for this reason I have to say 360 wins. But had there not been practically double the ammount of tear on PS3 I would have said PS3 was the winner hands down

deadheadfred2991d ago

It looks like they made up the analysis part. In their gallery the line graph shows the fps going as high as 60, but the counter is 30. Then if you watch the video, before each clip you can see the graph change. You can see fluctuations coming, then "pop" solid line. What gives? Makes me wonder what else is fake.

Anyways, DF has already confirmed this game runs at 30fps.

Sea_Man2991d ago

DFdid the comparison on a demo!! Wow!! I bet you think nothing is done to a game once the demo is released..? Oh yeah where did they say that the game ran @ 60fps? I'm pretty sure if you watched the video the at the end of the analysis they showed both ran at 30FPS.

evildeli2991d ago

Hey look, a relevant comment towards DF. But I agree with you. DF did their's on a demo, not the full version.

deadheadfred2991d ago

All I am saying is that this video/gallery has mismatched data and the data in the video has been falsified.

As for DF, like always they did both the demo and the final product.

Demo (10/05/10):

Retail (09/06/10):

RudeSole Devil2991d ago

believe half of what you see and nothing of what you read. Judge for yourself and then decide. But honestly Lens of Truth rollovers speak volumes, and after looking at those rollovers and watching their video the PlayStation 3 just looked better to me. One more thing, Digital Foundry admits the PlayStation 3 version runs at a HD resolution were as the Xbox 360 isn't even considered HD quality. All I'm saying is even though the PlayStation 3 version may have screen tore more in all reality shouldn't performance been considered a tied knowing the PlayStation 3 version is rendering all its assets in 720p resolution?

Sea_Man2991d ago

So your saying that both the LOT and DF concluded that both games run at 30fps? I confused how is that falsified data?? Watching the video at the end it says "Global Average FPS" ps3 and Xbox 30.00!! Another thing, the "popping" happens right before a clip ends and a new clip starts, could that possibly be just clip transition noise? Hey maybe that noise was never including in their conclusion. Either way it doesn't matter because the LOT's final conclusion was both systems ran @30 fps! I;m done here going to play some Alan Wake!!

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