Blur versus Split/Second

E4G: Are you still unsure whether to pick up Blur or Split/Second? Or both? We are here to help. Now don’t worry, nobody is trying to choose instead of you but take these points as guidelines to your enjoyment. We will put them one against the other in few categories that we think are mandatory.

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dkblackhawk502932d ago

I still can't decide...better to have both :D

matrix2242932d ago

True, but i prefer split/second. just my opinion though

matrix2242932d ago

IMO i prefer split/second because of the fact of the tv theme.

mmoracerules2932d ago

Blur all the way for me!!!Mario kart on steroids.

matrix2242932d ago

It definitly was mario kart on the roids

dkblackhawk502932d ago

That is what made it so fun though :D

ExitToExisT2932d ago

split second would be better than blur if it had real cars and more different locations

Quagmire2932d ago

Blur Vs Split Second
Modnation Racers vs Sega All Stars Racing
Gran Turismo Five vs......MAN FURISMO JIVE!