Microsoft Agressively Pursuing An Early Natal Release, Expecting To Sell 5M In 2010

Project Natal might be seeing the light of day sooner than many had thought. That is if Microsoft has its way.

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alaa2777d ago

That's impossible! Not even 2 million will be sold

ingiomar2777d ago

who are you to say that? unless you have total control over the whole world you never know.. cuz that what we said about Wii too ''THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE it wont even sell 2 consoles''.

movements2777d ago

Anything is possible. Never say never. Ever.

Hallmark Moment2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

He's actually an angry PS3 fanboy. He's been one of the worst ones that have been trolling Natal articles.

2 million Natals will be too small of a number for the pre-orders alone. There will be more than 2 million pre-orders just from gamers upgrading their cameras alone not to mention all the possible deals and bundles with games or possible 360 Slim bundles.

I'm sure! average games on the 360 sell 2 million. I don't see how a PS3 fanboy no matter how rabid thinks a device/platform that will have it's own games and will enhance older games and dashboard navigation can't sell 2 million. The logic is almost moronic, if it were not for the blatant trolling you would think this guy wasn't very smart.

LOL A console where multi player is huge will welcome Natal with it's microphone array. There will be dozens of reason why people will buy Natal.

-Alpha2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Agreed, it's not impossible, it all depends on price, method of selling, games, and appeal. We know none of that to say it's impossible.

I knew MS was going to be aggressive with Natal. They have a whole E3 dedicated to Natal on the 17th, so I expect to see a ton of information. Everybody was complaining about MS revealing nothing throughout the year but they never intended to: E3 is the perfect place for a media blowout and they know that. Hence, the Times Square feed and the whole day dedicated for a Natal conference. I'm pretty excited to see the games, hopefully we have some strong titles.

hardcorez2777d ago

Alaa is a flame commenter on stories submitted by gt, to create more coments.

Darkfocus2777d ago

just to have them available before the competition?

of all the company's out their Microsoft should know best that you should never sacrifice quality just to meet a deadline.

-Alpha2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

@Dark Focus

You are assuming the product isn't finished or that it has design flaws, which you do not know. If Natal is ready then why not release it early or first? It's a smart move to beat the competition to the punch.

If there is anybody who I trust will not F up their product anymore it's Microsoft. They are paying dearly for their mistake and they know it. I'm sure they've learned their lesson having to pay for hardware support.

Really, MS's strategy, in my opinion, was to get a decent marketshare this gen, and they did that by being the cheaper console and releasing first. I hope next gen they are confident enough in their reputation of the Xbox to put more care and effort into the console. Sony had that mentality: They trusted that the PlayStation brand would sustain by the name alone, and that kind of reputation is something MS needed to earn.

ingiomar2777d ago


Who said they are sacrificing quality as far as we know natal is already finished

Fred-G-Sanford2777d ago

Wow, August would be awesome.

I'm looking forward to using it with my PC just as much as I am with my 360.

Anon19742777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Let's be realistic here. The hardcore that already own 360's love their Halo and Gears. They aren't going to buy Natal to leap around their living rooms instead of playing Modern Warfare.

The casuals have nothing at this point to entice them away from Nintendo. The bulk of Wii owners aren't big enough gamers to care what the Xbox is doing. They aren't switching. New casual gamers are going to look at the 360 with Natal, look at the cheaper, slimmer and more reliable Wii with Mario happily waving back at them and they're going to choose the Wii...every time. You just don't get more family friendly than Mario.

And informed gamers are going to look at the $300 Xbox/Natal price tag - look at the $300 PS3/Blu-Ray price tag and go for the PS3. At the same price point, the PS3 simply offers more reliability and more value at $300.

I'm willing to go out on a limb here and say there is no way that Natal will move 5 million units by the end of the year. It's a camera add-on. Although the tech is a bit more advanced, it still just a camera add-on.

Edit: Just out of curiosity, what are you disagreeing with? I feel my points are valid. I'd love to hear some counterarguments. Disagrees tell me nothing. These forums are for the free exchange of ideas. Exchange away!

derseb2777d ago

Microsoft pursuing an early release .... it all depends on price...

This reminds me of the 360 launch! Remember what you got M$ fanboys?

A faulty product!

Boy30002777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

I disagreed with simply because...imo you are completly wrong.

Just one example: MS sells around 9 million consoles a year and maybe something like 3 million in the last quarter with the fall rush etc.

If Natal is bundled, everything is pointing at a Natal+360 bundle, it will AUTOMATICALLY sell a bit less than 5 million...AUTOMATICALLY. Now add the couple of new buyers who are going to bite in the hype and there you have it, 5 million Natal sold almost without breaking a sweat.

2 minutes of thinking would have helped you see that your logic is completely flawed.

I mean everyone who wants a 360, whether he wants it or not will get it with Natal thanks to the bundles.

-Alpha2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

DarkRide, the hardcore could easily use Natal if it appeals to them. People play more than Gears and Halo, and just because they do doesn't mean they are all some meatheads who can't enjoy a different product. Mass Effect could work well with Natal in terms of some things, and many people play that. I can see Natal having good uses for hardcore games. Natal really isn't about just jumping around in your living room and I hate how that stereotype is being played. I've seen many fanboys jump on Natal articles resorting to demeaning tactics like that. We do not know how Natal will incorporate hardcore games, but we know studios like Bethesda, Criterion, etc are working on the integration. And I know that Fallout and Burnout doesn't require you to dance around the room. I wish people would stop with that stereotype. I get that it's funny and it's used to poke fun at Natal, but some people end up using it in arguments as if it has any basis. Again, depending on factors like price and appeal, we do not know for certain. I think it's unfair to paint Natal 1-dimensionally as the product that does only "red ball" games.

And I sincerely doubt casuals can't be enticed. One thing MS has that Nintendo doesn't is great online features that Natal can benefit from. Also, MS is billing it as a hands-free tool and I think that could very well interest casual gamers. Personally I think it's about pricing and appeal. MS can appeal to the casual gamer, they really can. We hardcore gamers see silly dancing in the red ball demo, casuals see a way to keep kids fit and active.

And when do casuals=Mario? I doubt casual users who use Wii are actual gamers in that sense. MS needs to price Natal at the sweet spot to gain casual acceptance. Whether it will sell 5 million in a year, I strongly doubt it, but I have little doubt it will be popular with regular office workers who see a source of entertainment, or mothers, children, etc. It's being advertised on the news, on non-gaming news websites, etc. MS really is pushing this as something that isn't about games to these audiences.

You say informed gamers will get the PS3, but the 360 still manages to sell right now at $300 in comparison to PS3 at $300. The PS3 sells better worldwide, but that doesn't mean the 360 doesn't sell well or sell at all. Clearly there are people that prefer the 360, and I don't doubt that will stop. On top of that with the rumors of a rebranding I can easily see MS drop the price of the Xbox models. We know the technology is cheaper for MS and I have zero doubt that if ever threatened they will drop the price.

"I'm willing to go out on a limb here and say there is no way that Natal will move 5 million units by the end of the year"

I definitely doubt that too, but I do expect it to nonetheless appeal. MS is going to push it hard. How hard and how effective it will be remains to be seen, but I don't want to count it out on the grounds that it's not appealing to hardcore gamers and that it's not good enough for casual gamers. I honestly want to know the price to better speculate.

If MS is aiming for 5 million and if they want to meet that goal then I suspect a price drop, pricing, games, and bundles to play a large role.

WildArmed2777d ago

I dont see it selling 5mil (at least this year).
In it's lifetime, i'm sure it'll mount to well over 5mil.
But assuming they are launching it near Christmas, 5mil is too optimistic.

Anon19742777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

It's nice to see people actually talk on these forums instead of just resorting to personal attacks and fanboy bashing.

@Boy3000. Bubbles for an intelligent answer (and I wish you had more just to keep the conversation going). You know, that's an excellent point. The estimate for 360 sales this year is 10.5 million, and a meaty chunk of that will come at year end, but you're not factoring in the price and the competition. Microsoft isn't going to sell only Natal bundles from here on in. If they bundle Natal with the Arcade it'll probably be about $300. Bundle it with an Elite and we're looking at $375-$400. Not only will the Natal bundles be competing with the PS3 and Wii, but they'll also be competing with other 360's for price. This is far from a sure thing.

@ Alpha-Male22. Always appreciate your comments. Bubbles.
But with nothing that we know of to offer the hardcore, which we both know make up the core 360 audience, why would you spend $150 on Natal when you could use that cash to buy Halo:Reach? Natal might have something to offer the hardcore, but as it is now, how many hardcore gamers spend their time rocking out Wii-Sports instead of MW:2? I just don't see this demographic being swayed in only a few months - not in the numbers Microsoft is talking.

As for casuals - they aren't going to be swayed because casuals don't purchase multiple game consoles. Most of them don't play their Wii much as is. That's why they're casuals. While Microsoft can attempt to rope in new casuals, they aren't going to touch current Wii owners because current Wii owners just don't care about owning multiple consoles.

And when I'm talking bout informed gamers picking the PS3 over the 360, bear in mind I'm talking about a theoretical future where a Natal bundle is the same price as a PS3. A 360 with Natal for the same price as a PS3 - the PS3 still has so much more going for it in terms of a complete package. While some will ultimately choose the 360, I think the bulk of people wouldn't pass up on a Blu-Ray player/free wi-fi/free online/reliable hardware, etc for the same price as a 360 and a camera attachment.

And with casuals and Mario - I was thinking more of families. You can't tell me a guy buying a game console for his little ones would pay more for Natal with Milo then he would for Wii with Mario. Just look at the sales for Super Mario Brothers. Have you seen the numbers for that game? It's getting near 14 million. The thing's a monster. Super Mario Galaxy 2 has moved almost 2 million in 2 weeks in NA and Japan alone. What chance does a virtual 10 year old and Ricochet have against that in the family living room?

It's not about Natal not being and interesting and marketable product, it's about what it's up against.

-Alpha2777d ago

Fair enough, it's all speculation right now, but I think after we know the price we can get a better understanding.

Also, regarding casuals, I think Nintendo has not only created a more casually appealing product but they also have the games like Wii Fit. I would think though, that MS would push products like this for the casual, and the idea of using your whole body may work well. As for casuals buying multiple consoles, good point, but how many casually-appealing products exist for these casual gamers anyway?

Casual gamers only have the Wii because the PS3 and Xbox aren't appealing to them. That's different with Natal because Natal WANTS to appeal to the casuals, so you never really know. Anyway, I agree that 5 million will be a hard sell but if MS is determined then I don't doubt that they can do it. Whether they are seriously trying to achieve this goal or seeing it as a possibility, I don't know, but if they are set on selling 5 million then I'm sure they'll do everything they can to try and meet that goal. +bubbles!

insomnium2777d ago

I serously doubt the 5 million. For that to happen MS would have to lower the prices so that in actuality people would get Natal for free (compared to the price today) when it's bundled.

Bought separately Natal cannot cost more than 60 dollars for it to even have a slight chance to get to 5 million sold at the end of this year.

Ripyealip2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

but you just said never twice?!

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MisterNiwa2777d ago

Have a bubble my friend.

Everyone who disagrees has a small penis.

shoddy2777d ago

Agree if you have big penis
disagree if you don't.

deadreckoning6662777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

@alaa- Be careful with those assumptions of yours. For all we know, Natal may be only $49.99 or may come as standard with a $300 360 bundle. We know that Microsoft is gunning for the Wii's throne. Because of this, Natal may be supercheap. And with all the money they've gained from XBL Gold membership and overpriced perhiprials..they can certainly afford to make Natal extrememly affordable.

Microsoft wouldn't say 5 million if they didn't have something BIG up their sleeves.

Edit: I still don't know why a certain group on this site want so much for Natal to fail. If Natal is cheap..its a win for GAMERS. The people who are STILL on that red ball ricochet crap clearly aren't gamers. Any fool hass he ability to comprehend that ACTUALLY retail Natal games will be WAAAAY better than that. But, as always, PS3 fanboys only hear what they WANT to hear :)

jmare2777d ago

Keep telling yourself that, man. Because you say it, it must be true.

jerethdagryphon2777d ago

bear in mind the epic natal announcement, my guess is gears 3 has shoehorned natal support in agaisnt there better judgment

thing is if wii has the casuals there not gonna want to fork out another 300 for a new machine regardless of how better it is

people considering the wii might take one of the hd offerings instead if theey didnt want mario and his chums

Boy30002777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

If natal is bundled from now on for instance with the 360 it will easily sell 5 million thanks to the bundles alone. MS sells around 9 million 360's a year and we're only in June.

And if its around 50$ without even being bundled, 5 million isn't over the top if MS manage to convince the crowds at E3.

erathaol2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Remember when they pursued an early Xbox 360 release? They sold really well cause they were the first next gen console to hit the market and was marked at a reasonable price. The flip side of that victory was that the tech had issues because it was rushed out without proper testing. History could repeat itself here.

Cold 20002777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

I doubt MS are that dumb. If the average N4G user isnt that stupid then I dont see why they would be.

OneSneakyMofo2777d ago

How can they sell 5 million when the release date is November, 2010? Maybe if they release it with Halo: Reach. I don't see this taking off like the Wii though.

NeutralGamer2777d ago

I'm not going to buy this...

kfloydchicken2777d ago

NATAL will be cheap.
MS "leaked" the 150 price to "mind-condition" people.
So that when it comes out at $50
... people will think it's a steal.
(... of course there will be a lot of people who'll fall for it.)

NecrumSlavery2777d ago

To think it'll be under $100 is just setting yourself up for a disappointment. The MS network adapter is $100. What would you expect. Just be glad the NATAL isn't battery operated. We will let the games justify the price.

EVILDEAD3602777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Look at every Natal article since January and you will see the same Natal/360 detractors pushing the same smear agenda ad nauseum.

We get it..THEY are not going to buy one and the want everyone on to subscribe to the same beliefs.

Unfortunately, for them it doesn't work like that when they log off.

If and that is a BIG 'IF' Microsoft delivers a truly compelling Natal reveal on Wednesday then there is absolutely no reason why those figures won't be realized.

The 360s best 4th quarter was 6 million sold..last year was considered their worst gaming year and it still did 5 million+ in the last quarter of 2009.

Again, if Micrsoft sells off it's inventory and pushes a bundled 360/Natal console which is pushed October through January of 2011 then there is no reason why it won't be in at least 4 million homes minimum. This includes the stand alone Natal/game bundle.

Nintendo's Wii proved one a compelling case for family gaming experience + have a great E3 showing and watch the figures pour in.

Microsoft's wise decision to market Natal out of the box on Nick at Nite and MTV aims directly at the target audience Natal wants to attract.

The hardcore fans of the Xbox 360 will push Halo Reach and Gears 3 to those monster numbers. But, Micrsoft is in a win-win situation if it can tap into a market that pushes games like Just dance to head scratching success.

This isn't about PS3 vs. the 360. Having 65 disagrees because you say something good about Natal or Move is like throwing pebbles at an ocean. At the end of the day, it's the millions of people who shop on Black Friday and the holiday season who will make or break these add-ons..

I for one can't wait to see how it all shakes out this week


Redgehammer2777d ago

this my favorite article of the week as far as intelligent discourse goes. Your comments and some of the comments above are nice examples of when intelletcualism and gaming converge and form islands of "verdant" conversation in the boundless sea of stupidity, which is fanboyism.

I am a FPScentric gamer, father, 360 owner and I can't wait to get natal in my house. I, for one, believe that Natal (and Move) are going to be the harbingers of a new ways to game, play, and interact.

PCnPS3Gamer2777d ago

i really hate ms and how they brainwash stupid fucks like the majority of so called h core gamers who are secretly casuals commenting on this article.

so far darkride is the only person that i see that deserves to be called a h core gamer.

alpha male your just a neutral bitch that would suck ms fanboys off if you could get a bubble out of it your just a phony a big fat phony....

natal sucks and the only reason sony hasny released move is cause they want to launch it with more games, isnt games more important then sales....i guess not ehh....all you guys need is that glitchy ball game tho its all good right ms. i can see it now project natal releases in august 2010 by xmas everyone is having frame rate issues with natal and its over heating gamers threaten to sue ms, ms adds 3 year warranty to natal, gamers pretend nothing happend, ps3 owners are like wtf is wrong with you morons....

i dont give a fuck how much natal sells, or when that glorified eye toy comes out, i like how ms says natal is not an eye toy then you believe them how come it looks like the glitchy lame eye toy then, but it has teh 2 cameras oh so now 2 people can play a glitchy lame game awesome. move is the better product and mark my fucking words it will have more games. hardcore and move support for existing games via patch... plus 3D if you get a 3d tv or atleast a 120hz or 240hz tv....

Redgehammer2777d ago

I disagree with you completely, primarily due to your truncated sentences and inability to weave your thoughts into a cohesive argument that doesn't reek of standard fanboy vitriol. I think you are trying to say that Microsoft is the devil, and that you need some rattle snakes and holy water to protect yourself. Please correct me if I am wrong, but that is what I gathered from your anger filled diatribe.

PCnPS3Gamer2777d ago

im a fanboy becuz i think ms makes garbage tech. and all they do is heard you sheep like bitches.....if ms did what sony is doing id be saying ms is better i actually owned an xbox 1 instead of a ps2. then the 360 come out and it was crap.

i waited till sony released the ps3 because i knew itd be a better piece of tech got one on launch and best decision ever made may have been minority but i dont care i buy the best and if i cant i dont buy anything at all....

ms is all about talking outta theyre asses about all theyre products they say all these insane things that natal can do year later nothing but that stupid ball game has surfaced u say its because theyre saving it for e3 but i call bs on that i think they just cant do any of it without major lag and limited graphics quality ms bit off more then they can chew this time i dont even think ms advertising and pr can save natal....

Inside_out2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

If and this is a big IF, M$ offers it to the PC community as well as the 40+ million 360 community, they every chance to sell as many as they can make. Fable 2 was a 360 exclusive...Fable 3 will be available on 360 AND PC and is Natal compatible...the Natal camera is over qualified as a web cam BUT with voice activating/recognizing and Windows 7 functionality, it could very well change everything...

Even offering it to 40+ million 360 owners at a affordable price could cause a mad sales rush at Xmas...NOW, it's all about the apps...A few short hrs till Natal-day...

In regards to the question of consumers outside of North America...They haven't seen what Natal can do yet...nobody has???...wait for the presentation and then see peoples reaction to it...It's all up to M$ and the developers of applications for Natal now...

8thnightvolley2777d ago

all i am worried is that they should rush this out and some RROD type sort of crap will come and spoil it all, they better make sure it does what it says on the pack or rather the first trailer perfectly.. and not some half baked product

AAACE52777d ago

You know what's strange? You have a lot of Ps3 fanboys hating on Natal. Yet, these were the same people who hated on the Wii saying that the motion controller was a joke! Fast forward to now, and the Ps3 has what is essentially a Wiimote with a light ball on top, and now all of a sudden, motion control is great... but only if it's on the Ps3!

It's crazy how that works out isn't it?

blumatt2777d ago

Everyone knows MS will market the hell out of it. I'm still betting on the Move holding its own against it though. The Natal is not going to just come out and rape the Move sales-wise. It will be a close race since the Natal will most likely be more expensive. And don't give me any crap about the Move costing more because you've got to buy more than one etc. etc. I know all that, BUT the average mom or dad won't and will just see that one is cheaper and get it. Again, I don't know the Natal will be higher, but something tells me it will. Maybe it's the way MS prices everything else. lol Wifi: $80 120gb Harddrive: $100 lol What a joke.

Graey2776d ago

I understand that's your opinion, but I would have to disagree but only for the time being. I would say to all not to judge to harshly until after MS shows their hand. Personally if I was running it I wouldn't tip my hand, I'd keep everything close to the vest until E3. I applaud Sony, but If I could keep the secret I would because let's face it, if your a gamer 9/10 says your glued to every website, or any tv news having to do with E3.

Just like most are under the impression Sony is showing something really great if they pushed out all the high-profile games before E3. Think about it, there are so many levels to this, perhaps think of a circle surrounding the problem instead of a straight line to the "proposed" outcome.

No disrespect of course, as we all think the way we do.

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zetsuei12777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

If natal SELLS anything near that it will be ONLY on America.Since Europe and Japan gave clearly signal that they don't give a shit about this accessory.

That may have to do with the fact that Microsoft knows this and it will be a better idea to push Natal real hard only at america where they the higher attach rate and installed base which wont be a Meaningless effort.

But without the support of 2/3 of the Video Game market could microsoft really comeout of this strategy successful?! The obvious answer: Probably not!

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Don't you know that US equals or is better than the whole World? /s.

Boy30002777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

"If natal SELLS anything near that it will be ONLY on America.Since Europe and Japan gave clearly signal that they don't give a shit about this accessory."

Where on planet Earth is the evidence for that...? What is that signal ? Where and how do you see that ?

"But without the support of 2/3 of the Video Game market could microsoft really comeout of this strategy successful?"
EU + Japan =/= 2/3 of the videogame market. I mean the UK alone, > Japan. Moreover the USA represents around 50% of the videogame market.

falviousuk2777d ago

you might not give a shit about it, but I do, as a gamer I do and Im from the UK. So dont try and talk for everyone in Europe.

more fanboy crap in a natal article.

then again that article is from a trash website that pursues flamebait article after flamebait article

Nike2777d ago

Honestly, does GamesThirst do nothing else but flamebait, news stealing and false rumours?

OneSneakyMofo2777d ago

I think they should rechange their name to

crapgamer2777d ago

Wont make Natal flop. Especially with a Slim 360 package for about $250 or so. They will sell like hotcakes. America is where it's at as far as gaming, consoles and games sell the best here. I am sure that is their target. I personally am getting 2 Natal systems launch date.

cool cole2777d ago

Boy are you sure the gaming guru -_-

xxLuckyStrike2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Envy Breeds Jealousy my man...and with so many disagrees its plain as day to see. Just embrace your worst fear... PS3 fanboys can offically bow to the man...drop to their knees and beg to be purified....Natal is the!!!.... It is useless to resist....dont let yourself destroyed as Obi Wan.

kaos_fish II2777d ago

very apt name considering you're planning on getting 2 launch Natal.. better yet change your name to 'sadgamer'

Natal will go the same way as Microsoft Bob..

jdktech20102777d ago

There's no way to comment on this....they could have some killer stuff out there for casual and hardcore gamers alike that they will release at E3...wait until then to let your fanboyism show