Eiji Aonuma's First Page at E3 Leaked

So everyone by now has heard so many rumors about Zelda Wii that it makes us sick to our stomach just imagining the possibilities of truth. As always, the first and second batch really fit well together, but there is no way to really prove the truthfulness of them until E3. Same goes for this new batch, which just came fresh off the email press.

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aviator1892958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

The origin of the mastersword, the main title just as "the legend of zelda,"....awesome on so many levels! I'm just hoping that it isn't playable in first-person. I still hope it retains the third-person with some instances switching to first-person. It'd be very nice if these rumors turned out to be true.

silkrevolver2958d ago

This is all so cool. And I agree, just calling it “The Legend of Zelda,” Is super cool. ICE DUNGEON, FOR THE WIN!

Valay2958d ago

Um...I hope you guys realize that this is not in the least bit confirmed and chances are it probably won't be.

silkrevolver2958d ago

Whatever. Even if not true, it’s not HUGE news anyway. It’s cool, but if not true, it’s no big deal.

AbsoluteZelda2958d ago

Please note that we still haven't heard back from the guy who posted them. We will update the news post as soon as we do... Or if we don't, in a few hours.

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The story is too old to be commented.