Aaron Greenberg Comments on E3, Sees Big Things for E3 2010

Aaron Greenberg is prepping for E3 and he expects some big things out of E3 2010 as a whole -- not just Microsoft. With many big announces poised to occur this E3, Aaron Greenberg should be excited.

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niceguywii602836d ago

I see PS3 fanboy speak and hypocrisy.

mookins2836d ago

I see a fanboy like niceguywii360 picking on someone with an opinion.

Hallmark Moment2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Well he's not a 360 fanboy trolling in PS3 articles now is he? You call him a fanboy because you don't like what he says in 360 articles and you hate him because you guys troll 360 articles so much some how you assume he's the one trolling? WTF?! Calling PS3 fanboys out in 360 articles and posting positive comments in 360 articles is N4G's idea of trolling?

It's like illegal immigrants complaining expecting more than the native population. You guys logic is that of 12 year old child. If you don't like what 360 fans say keep your a$$es out of the 360 section because trolling in 360 articles then calling out fans of the news/console makes look like slobbering idiots.

You don't come over to my house insulting me and bashing my furnishings etc then when I finally confront you about it you turn around and say I'm the one that's the problem.

-Alpha2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

He may be speaking "PR speak", but he isn't saying anything wrong. If you read the article you'd see he was stating his general excitement for E3 as a whole.

Oh by the way, this whole article title is stupid considering they are going off a simple-stated Tweet.

bjornbear2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

so you think what Greenberg said ISN'T PR SPEAK? wow

its what he does, not a bad thing. this is just a tweet commenting on E3, big deal.

its still PR

kfloydchicken2836d ago

NATAL will be cheap.
MS "leaked" the 150 price to "mind-condition" people.
So that when it comes out at $50
... people will think it's a steal.
(... of course there will be a lot of people who'll fall for it.)

BattleAxe2836d ago

Greenberg always sees big things....I thought Splinter Cell and Alan Wake were supposed to be big LOL

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Kingdom Come2836d ago

Looks like E3's huge for all!
Microsoft have some big secrets in stor, I mean, the Suprise bigger than Natal E-mail and the broadcasting in Times Square, it's gonna be good!
I wanna see the Gears of War 3 gameplay in Times Square!

Death24942836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

can sell a tanning bed to an albino. They are just that good at marketing. It would be extremely stupid to count them out. I'm interested in what they are going to show for Natal. In just 48 hours the vale will be raised.

VegaShinra2836d ago

At least its E3 as a whole and not MS. Humble Greenburg today!

MightyMark4272836d ago

yep, first time to see him like that haha

DelbertGrady2836d ago

I love that picture of him. Don't you?

MaximusPrime2836d ago

we understand you. you dont have to be openly

Kingdom Come2836d ago

Its almost as funny as Micheal Patchers Flirt Face...
"You come here often?"


I,ve just won the lottery, Hugh Heffner has invited me round for a weekend and is gonna watch n learn what i teach him.......also, i could take out Norris and Seagal at the same time blindfolded.

Smug doesn't even touch it.

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MaximusPrime2836d ago

is that his school photo? lol

On topic, yea im expecting a great E3 for all companies and developers. Im not too keen on Nintendo though.

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